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Hopkins Boarding House …

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Hopkins House 2 _ RTP 8 April 14 _ SFW

OK … I took these back about thirty years ago for Mrs. Hopkins, so technically they are not my father’s, but I thought that they were more relevant over here than over on my blog.  I cannot remember why she had me do these and as you can tell, since the parking lot is practically empty, these were made on the one day that they were closed … Monday.  I cannot tell you how many meals that I personally at here or how many meals that I carried out over a span of twenty or so years.  For a span of several years back in 1981, 82 and some of 83, I lived only a couple of blocks from here on Spring and Barcelona Streets.  This was the only restaurant that cooked and served liver that everyone seemed to enjoy.  And everyone knew about the fried chicken!  This place was around back in the 1940’s because my father used to tell a story of one of his friend’s that Mrs. Hopkins would not allow to eat there because he ate so much.  I cannot attest to that because I used to see some guys eat so much, I do not know how they were able to walk away.  Here are a couple of more views …


Hopkins  House 7 _ RTP _ 8 April 14 _ SFW

Hopkins House 3  _ RTP _ 8 April 14  _ SFW

Hopkins House 1 _ RTP _ 8 April 14 _ SFW

If these photos do not make your mouth water for some good home-cooked fried chicken, nothing will.  I can not remember if the place closed before Ed Hopkins died or it closed soon after it passed away, but I am sure that someone out there knows.  If I do not receive a dozen or so comments about these photos, I will be greatly disappointed.  If you never ate here, going to Golden Corral and Ryan’s does not even come close these days.  The one thing that I always liked was the fact you ate at a ” communal ” table with everyone.  I always enjoyed talking to strangers, so it never bothered me, but my wife was never comfortable with it all that much.  No, I am not going to run out to KFC or Church’s for a fried -chicken fix when I get through with this post.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank


Hopkins House 6  _ RTP_ 8 April 14 _ SFW

PS – I had one more of the north side of the house that I forgot to post earlier that showed the parking lot.  It did not hold a lot of cars, so you ended up parking in front of someone’s house several blocks away and walking.  The walk back to your car always took longer since you were always so full.  Thanks … Frank


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April 9, 2014 at 10:47 am

P. K. Younge Elementary School …

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IMG_0224  P K Younge _ RTP_ 20 Dec 13  SFW

This  photo is one that I had copied years ago for someone and I ran across it recently.  My father and his brother used to walk to school here back in the 1920’s … now let me tell you where they used to walk from.  When my father’s family moved to Pensacola in 1925, they moved to Reus and Garden Streets, where my grandmother ran a rooming / boarding house,  So may father and his brother would walk 5 blocks down Garden Street to Palafox Street, where they would turn left and head north ( I believe in an earlier post, I show this intersection of Garden and Palafox where there was a watering fountain for horses in the middle of the intersection … I will check on this to be sure ).  So they turn up Palafox, walk by the old San Carlos Hotel and keep on walking up the hill to Cervantes.  They cross over Cervantes Street and keep walking another 8 or 9 blocks until reach this school.  My dad said that he and Ben walked every day, rain or shine and never missed a day.  He also said that when they left their house it was just him and Ben, but by the time they got to school, they had been by joined by 20 or so kids.  I have a photo somewhere of him and his fifth grade class sitting on the steps of the school.  And that brings me another story …

In his class was a kid named Shelby and Shelby lived with his grandparent’s somewhere near the school in North Hill.  My dad said he thought it was North Hill, because it did not take him as long to walk to school as it took him and Ben.  My father would later show me the photo of the class  and I think that he had the names of all the kids on the back of the photo, but he would usually just single out Shelby,  unless he was talking about someone else he might have run into from that era.  Fast forward 55 years or so and by this time I was working with my father at the studio and the photo rings and I answer ” Frank Hardy Studio “.  This voice on the other end says in this long, Southern drawl ” Fraaank this is Sheeelby from ol’ PK Younge ”  and I said something like ” Glad to hear you Shelby … How are you doing? … You sound good ” .  Shelby then says ” You sound mighty good too Frank,  for being so old “, I laughed and  said  ” Hold on Shelby and I will  transfer you up front  to my dad, I am back in the darkroom printing” .   He then said, and I never forgot this,  ” I only went to PK Younge for a while and your father was one of the few kids that I really got to know and he was always nice to me and I never forgot that “.  They talked for an hour or so and when I noticed that the call was finished,  I walked out front and asked my dad who that hillbilly was and he said ” That was Shebly Foote and I guarantee you, he is no hillbilly “.  He told me that Shelby became a writer and later wrote books on the Civil War that  on which he became a noted authority.  My father  wrote him a letter through his publisher and had included that class photo of their PK Younge class.  Shelby said that he had never seen that photo before and was so happy to have a copy.  Several weeks later later a package arrived from New York … Shelby had sent my father his Civil War Trilogy series  and on the inside flap he had inscribed something like ” To my old PK Younge buddy, Shelby Foote” .  Sometime in the future I will photograph the inscription and add it to this post and I will also post the class photo.  I should have been more prepared, I apologize, that it going to be one of my New Year’s Resolutions …

That is my PK Younge / Shelby Foote story … It is not much, but it just shows what type of person my father was.  Thanks for looking and as always, all comments are welcome and are appreciated … Frank

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December 28, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Bayou Texar Early 1900’s …

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Bayou Texar _ RTP _ 20 Dec 13   SFW

This photo was taken of Bayou Texar in the early 1900’s and was in a book created by Pensacola photographer Cottrell.  The book was brought to me and I copied the photos for the owner of the book.  I have never seen another copy of this book and I have mentioned it in earlier posts … the book was titled ” Picturesque Pensacola “.  I believe that this area of the Bayou is what you see to the south when you drive across the Cervantes Street bridge.  I have never seen this photo reproduced anywhere … I have checked down at the Pensacola Historical Society and they do not have a copy of the image.  If you have seen this anywhere, please let me know or if you have ever run across Cottrell’s book let me hear from you.  I have some other photos ready that I will post in the next few days … thanks for looking, Frank

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December 20, 2013 at 8:25 pm

Wreck on Highway 90 Leaving Milton Florida …

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For those of you that travel Highway 90 or live in the Milton area are familiar with the bridge across Pond Creek.  Well, I have found some negatives from a wreck that occurred at that bridge back in the 1950’s between a Greyhound Bus and a pick-up truck.  I do not have any details about the wreck, but I just want to show you what the bridge looked like and you will also see the area surrounding the bridge.  Sixty something years ago, this bridge was wooden and there was nothing but dirt and scrub oaks around.  You were still several miles from downtown Milton, which only took up two city blocks before you came to Blackwater River and once you crossed the river, you went back to dirt and scrub oaks … and maybe a few pine trees here and there.  OK, enough talk, here are some photos …

Milton Bridge Car Wreck 8    _ RTP  _ SFW

Milton Bridge Car Wreck 7 _ RTP   SFW

These views you are looking east toward the bridge and Milton.  The first you were maybe 200 feet from the bridge and the second shot you were maybe only 50 feet from the bridge.

Milton Bridge Car Wreck 5  _ RTP   SFW

Milton Bridge Car Wreck 2 _ RTP _ SFW

Milton Bridge Car Wreck 6 _ RTP   SFW

All of these photos you have been looking east.  Since this is an MP directing traffic, my guess that the vehicle that ran into the bus might have contained military personnel.  Whiting Field is no where near this bridge, so the MP would have no reason to be in the area unless he was just driving by and wanted to help.  In the middle photo you see where they are connecting the tow truck to bus and if you look real close in the first photo,  you see the tow truck on it’s back two wheels with it’s front wheels completely suspended three or four feet off of the ground.  They must not have had these huge commercial tow trucks that you see towing 18 wheelers down the interstate back in the 1950’s.  Another photo …

Milton Bridge Car Wreck 3   _ RTP _ SFW

This photo is from the middle of the bridge looking west.  You can the wooden timbers that run across the bridge pretty good in the top photo.  I would imagine that an insurance adjuster representing the Greyhound Bus Company hired my father, but I have no way of knowing.  But as I usually say, that is not my purpose here … my sole purpose is just to show things / times as they were.  My thoughts were … can you imagine taking a trip in an un-air conditioned Greyhound Bus across the United States on two-lane county roads with no interstate?  The interstate system was still 7 or 8 years from starting and at least 15 to 18 years from finishing !  I do not think that they started the Interstate until the early sixties and did not completely finish until the mid to late seventies.  Thanks again for looking and I am sure that there are a few of you that remember this old wooden bridge across Pond Creek … let us hear from you … Frank

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November 9, 2013 at 3:54 pm

First Methodist in Snow …

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First Methodist in Snow 2_RTP_25 Feb 11 SFW

This photo was taken back in  February 1957, when it snowed so hard and there were several inches on the ground for a day or so.  Notice the snow on the roof of the church.  I found this photo years ago and I started to remove the telephone pole  and parking meters out front, but it was just too much trouble to do.  Let me rephrase that statement … I was spending too many hours on removing the objects and I still had a lot of hours to go before I had every item taken out.  This is going to be a job that I have to pay someone to do for me if I want it done correctly.  Taking out the objects is not the hard and time consuming part, it is replacing parts of the image to make them blend in with the original setting.  So I thought that I would just post it the way it is and see what type of response I get, if I get any at all.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Pensacola High School Football Team in the 1950’s …

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PHS  Football Team  5 _ 10x8_RTP   SFW

I found three negatives of this team in different variations years ago and finally sat down and worked one up.  The other two are in very bad shape and has sections missing and are in terrible shape.  This was the easiest to clean-up and make presentable.  I would have to guess that this team was in the 1950’s sometime.  Notice how each manager is wearing a white jump-suit with a number on one side and the abbreviation for “Manager” on the other side.  No clue what the numbering means or meant.  Maybe someone will know and be able to tell us.  I know that the author, Rick Fountain, who wrote an excellent book recently on the history of the Pensacola High School Football team reads this blog occasionally and he might be able to shed a little light on this group photo of the team.  Thanks for looking and if you know any information on this group, please share it with us.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

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November 8, 2013 at 6:41 pm

Corner of 12th Avenue and Gonzalez Street …

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Shaws and Frank Hardy Studio _ RTP 2 _ SFW

This is the corner of 12th Avenue and Gonzalez Street around 1949.  You see my father’s first studio on the right side of the image.  He opened it up in 1948 when he left the X-ray Department at the old Sacred Heart Hospital in 1948.  He was in this location for 6 or 7 years until the Moulton Family built the building on 12th Avenue and he moved over to that location.  I have several photos of this corner throughout this blog … my personal favorite is the panorama view showing all the kids that had just gotten out of Clubbs Junior High School two blocks north.  I can remember it like it was yesterday … literally hundreds of kids walking and running around hollering and screaming at one another thirty or forty minutes.  I was only 5 or 6 at the time and it always scared me.  Well, that is another story … thanks for looking.  If any of you happen to have been some of these kids, let us hear your stories or the ones that you can share with us  Please check back … Frank

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November 2, 2013 at 3:46 pm

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Clubbs Junior High School Band …

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Clubbs Band 2_ 1956_SFW  _FHP

Here is the A.V. Clubbs Junior High School Band from sometime back in the 1950’s.  The school used to stand where the new N.B. Cook is now on 12th Avenue.  Here are several more photos …

Clubbs Majorite_1956_SFW_FHP_23 June 11

I do not know who this band majorette is, but she sure is a cute one!!  I thought that I had one more of the band, but I could not find it in this folder so I will look in some others and post it when I find it.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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July 30, 2013 at 6:22 pm

Out Front of Old Sacred Heart Hospital …

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Nuns in Front of Old Hospital 2_SFW_FHP_July 11

Here is a group of nuns standing in front of the old Sacred Heart Hospital.  I do not know anything about this photo or why it was made.  My guess it was for some type of promotion or maybe a publicity photograph, however I know that when this photo was taken in the 1950’s, hospitals did not promote themselves like they do now.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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July 15, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Pensacola High School Basketball Team …

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PHS Basketball 4 _ RTP_SFW_ 15 June 13

I do not know what year,  maybe late 1950’s or early 1960 or 61, and I do not know if this is the varsity or the junior varsity, but someone will know.  One more group …

PHS Basketball 3_RTP_SFW 15 June 13

This group does look a little younger, so this must be the junior varsity.  Now, a couple in the PHS gym.  You know that it was not air conditioned and how these kids practiced  in the summer without passing out was a miracle.

PHS Basketball 2 _ RTP _ SFW _ 15 June 13

And here is another in the gym …

PHS Basketball 1 _ RTP _ SFW _ 15 June 13

I can remember going with my father to the gym during the summer and he would be photographing the seniors for the coming year in the gym.  It was hot, but I do not remember anyone passing out because of the heat or complaining too much.  But times where different and nobody had air conditioning in their cars or homes in the early 1960’s or late 1950’s.  I cannot even remember when air conditioning became come place, but I know that the high school I went to in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s did not have central air conditioning.  Maybe a room or two had a window unit, but that was it.  I did not mean to ramble on about the air conditioning … Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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June 16, 2013 at 10:21 am

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