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The Launch of the USS Pensacola …

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This is almost a first me … I have actually done some research on the images that I am going to post today and I am going to include a link to more photographs for those of you might be interested in seeing more images.  Two of the photographs are one’s that I have copied for a lady in the past and the other three are from the US Navy site that I am going to give you a link to at the end of the post.  The first image is one from the Navy site that sort of starts the story of the USS Pensacola launch at the Brooklyn Naval Yard on 25 April 1926 …


Launch of USS Pensacola NY Navy Yard_RTP_17 June 16 _ SFW

You see all of dignitaries from the Navy and I know that there are several in this crowd from Pensacola … Harvey Bayless is one who was the City of Pensacola’s City Manager in the 1920’s and he could have even been Mayor at one time … who made the trip to New York and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.   Now the next photo is one that I had copied and showed the ship at a lower level being sent off from the ways.  I am surprised that the Navy does not have copies of the prints that I am going to show and I can only think that maybe the ones that I am showing were shot by a photographer that the City of Pensacola might have hired in New York to record this event for them.  I have not seen them in any local archives such as the Historic Trust, so without further ado …


IMG_1154 Ship _RTP_16 June 16 _ SFW

Interesting don’t you think?  The next photo is a Navy photo showing the boat coming down the ways from out in the East River …


USS Pensacola 2_13x10_17 June 16 _ SFW

Here come the Pensacola out into the East River.  The next photo is one that I copied showing the USS Pensacola completely out of the dry dock and off of the ways out in the East River.  I believe that the bridge in the background is the Manhattan Bridge.  It possibly could be the Williamsburg Bridge, but if I am wrong, I apologize.  At least I have a fifty-fifty chance of accuracy and for me that is pretty good…


IMG_1115  Ship in Harbour_WIP  OK_15 June 16 _SFW

Look how many tugs it takes to move the Pensacola around!  I could have retouched out all of the trash in the East River, but I am striving for authenticity here and besides since this is 1926, I figured that the US DEP would be pretty lax around a naval shipyard.  I do not know if we even had a DEP in the twenties, so there goes my claim for authenticity in the last sentence.  Next and last image is a Navy photograph of the USS Pensacola ( CA-24 ) tied up at the dock…


USS Pensacola 4_RTP_10x13_17 June 16 _ SFW

In fact you can see part of the bridge I mentioned earlier.  There are a lot more images of the USS Pensacola on the Navy here. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little bit ” visual ” naval history and how I tied it all together.  Don’t get used to it because I will be back to my old self of just posting photographs along with a few unrelated comments.  As I mentioned in earlier posts, I have been posting more to Instagram than my blogs, but I have unearthed a lot of new negatives that I have sifting through and will post in the months to come.  If anyone happened to be at the Brooklyn Navy Yard when the Pensacola was launched and want to share it first-hand, we would love to here from you.  You can find me on Instagram at: frankphardy  .   For some unknown reason it would not let me do FrankHardyPhotography  so I used my middle initial “p”.  But you can type “frankhardy” into search and I pop up.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank










The Pensacola Dons And Another Promotion …

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A good while ago, I posted a photo of a Dons player awarding a pretty girl in a bathing suit some flowers for winning a beauty contest.  No one recognized the player or the girl, but the someone did identify the master of ceremonies for the event as a local radio personalty.  In the background were the rest of the beauty contestants.  Here is that photo again …

Beauty Contest 1_RTP_SFW

Note the suitcase that reads ” Philco ” that I guess contains the equipment to broadcast the event on local radio.  I cannot identify what radio station, but I would imagine that it was either  WCOA, WBSR  or some other local station.  So, since the Dons management had this event for all of the guys out in the audience, they needed to do some for all of the ladies sitting in the bleachers down at the Admiral Mason Park … a body builders contest.  I do not know if this event was held on the same night or if it done on another night and as usual, I have no idea who any of the body builders are or who the young lady is awarding the winners.  I cannot tell if she is this girl above or not, but she very well could be.  So here goes … I am just going to post all of the photos and save my comment to the end …

Body Builders Group 2  _ RTP _ 19 June 14  SFW

Body Builders Group 1 _ RTP_19 June 14  SFW

Body Builders 3 _ RTP _ 19 June 14  SFW

Body Builders 2 _ RTP _ 19 June 14  _ SFW

Body Builders 1_ RTP _ 19 June 14  _ SFW

After looking at these photos, I am going to say that the girl in the top photograph is the girl in these presenting the trophies to the body builders.  As usual, I do not have a clue who any of these people are.  I have been surprised that I have not received that many comments from people who attended the Dons games from back in the late 1950’s.  I also am interested if anyone recorded any film from any of the games or of just random footage shot at the Admiral Mason Park during this era of the Dons.   I realize that this will be a long shot, but I am interested in seeing if anyone shot anything.  When I was looking through my scans of the Dons recently, I discovered that I have around 100 to 120 scans from the Dons years of 1957, 58 and 59, so I will try to throw up a few more in the next few weeks.  Please check back and let me hear from you … Frank

Pensacola Mardi Gras …

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IMG_1228 Pens Mardi Gras 2_RTP _SFW

Not sure if this Mardi Gras photo is from the 1920’s or 30’s.  All of the people on the float are wearing black masks for some reason, making them  even more scarey.   The man on the podium is giving someone in the krew the key to the city.  I have seen some other photos similar to this one, but not with the key to the city being handed over.  The man doing the handing could either be the Mayor of Pensacola or maybe the City Manager … someone important for sure.  Who knows, it might even be a relative to Quint Studer or some other mover and shaker back then,  If anyone knows anything about this photo or anything from this era, please share it with us.  I am curious about this one.  I also hope everyone is enjoying their Mardi Gras Tuesday and will make it to church tomorrow for Ash Wednesday, if they are not too hung-over.  As always, all comments are welcomed and appreciated and please check back … Frank

One more thing, my father did not take this photo.  I just had a copy negative that I scanned for this image.  Someone must have brought him the photo to copy and make prints.  If anyone has any idea who the photographer was, please let me know.  Most photographers from this era put their mark somewhere on the print to identify the photographer / artist, but this print did not.  I am sure that it was photographed with a view camera because of the sharpness.  The photographers back during this time names could have been ” Bell “, ” Turpin ” and ” Cottrell ” and would have had their names somewhere on the negative or print if they had made the image.  Thanks again ….

Pensacola … “The City of Your Dreams” …

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Group Downtown in the 1920s_RTP_SFW

This photo is one someone had me copy and I saved myself a copy.  I can only guess that the men are the city manager and city council.  I can only guess that the time is the 1920’s and I can not be any more specific than that.  I think that motto ” The City of Your Dreams ” is better than what we have now ” The Up Side of Florida “, or something to that effect.  I wonder if these guys paid a hundred grand for their motto … they probably just gave someone a couple of snow cones and put their name in the paper.  Times have certainly changed!!  Let us hear from you and thanks for looking … Frank

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