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Licensing and Sales of Images …

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Cliff Dwellers 1_Brown Tone_Flat  _25 Feb 11 SFW

All of the images on this site are available for sale or for licensing.  I allow the use of my images in two ways:

With Creative Commons you are free:

To Share: Copy, Distribute, and Transmit the image
To Remix: Create Derivative works of the image

Under these conditions:

Attribution: Attribution to Frank Hardy or Frank Hardy Photography must be made along with the image.
Non-Commercial: The image must not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances. For clarity on what defines commercial use, please see the Sample Accepted Uses below.


Blog Post describing a trip
Online article discussing photography
A website for an online project about the use of photography
An individual using an image as a desktop background for the computer monitor


‘Commercial Use’ regarding the use of images online or offline is defined very broadly. The determination of commercial or non-commercial use is based on the contextual use of the image. The determination is NOT based on the tax-filing status of the entity using the image nor on whether or not a financial transaction takes place.

Commercial use of my images is allowed only if expressly granted by Frank Hardy Photography.  All commercial uses will incur a licensing fee.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  My fees are based on the following criteria:

Media – print, web, television, outdoor  etc.
Distribution Size – number of copies printed, viewing audience size, exposure (regional, national, international)
Length of Use – 1 year, 2 years, etc.
Prominence of Display – 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, spread, front cover, back cover, home page (online), interior page (online), etc.

All licensing inquiries should be sent to:

A marketing campaign for a commercial entity
A fund-raising campaign for a not-for profit entity
A background image for a website by a corporate / non-corporate business
License to create an individual print for use in a private home

If you have any questions what so ever regarding any of the above information, you can contact me with the email listed above. Or I can be reached
on my cell phone at 850-449-1279.

Thank you for your time and consideration …

Frank Hardy

Written by Frank Hardy

March 31, 2014 at 12:15 pm

Coke Machine …

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Coke Machine_1940s_RTP _SFW

There are several reasons for posting this image of an old Coke machine … the first and main reason is the ten cents above the coin slot.  I can not remember a Coke ever being ten cents, I believe I can remember it being a quarter, but I am not positive on that.  The next is the style of the Coke machine itself.  I can barely remember lifting a slot like the one above to get a drink out.  I remember the drink box better where you lift up the top and then slide your bottle to the end to work your drink out.  The kids today reallt have it rough when they have to put a couple of bills in to get their drink out and don’t even think about getting a Coke out of a machine in Orlando / DisneyWorld!  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

March 28, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Bryce Canyon, Not The Grand Canyon …

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Grand Canyon _RTP_SFW

This is from a transparency that my father had made back in the 1950’s on one of his trips out west to visit his sister.  I made the mistake earlier of identifying the above image as the Grand Canyon and bubbasuess wrote and said that this is Bryce Canyon in Utah.  That makes sense because I knew that my father had been to Bryce Canyon on one of his trips out West, since he had talked about it occasionally.   I like the color in this transparency … nothing was done to change or alter the color, all I did was take out the dirt marks.  Thanks for looking and again thanks for identifying the correct canyon … they all sort of look the same to me after a while.  Please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

March 28, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Equality Cornet Band … Update

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Equality Cornet Band_RTP _ SFW

I have had this image floating around for decades and finally got around scanning it a year or so back.  I am fairly sure that my father did not photograph this image … the only thing that I can think of is that someone brought it by to be copied or something and never returned to pick it up.  I know absolutely nothing about the ” Equality Cornet Band ” and I have never bothered to Google it either.  Maybe I should have done it before I posted it, but as usual, I did not bother.  However, on the other hand, that is not really my purpose or am I all that interested in the history of the ” Equality Cornet Band “, it just makes me smile when I look at the image.  So on that note, thanks for looking and please check back.  I have been scanning a large selection of negatives that I have had laying around, so I should have enough to keep me busy for the next few months.  Thanks for looking … Frank

PS – I Googled ” Equality Cornet Band ” and nothing popped up, so I have nothing more to add.  Maybe some of you jazz aficionados might recognize the group … I don’t know if they would be classified as jazz or marching band or big band or what.  I just cannot imagine that there is not anything  out there on the internet about the group.

Written by Frank Hardy

March 28, 2014 at 3:37 pm

Thanks To Deborah at ” Airports Made Simple ” …

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Airport Page 2_5x7_RTP _SFW

I just wanted to take a minute and thank Deborah over at Airports Made Simple  for asking me to to be her ” Guest Blogger of the Month “.  She did all of the layout and design on her blog, all I did was supply the photos and some copy.  She arraigned everything and added some quotes to really tie everything together to make  the posts so interesting and readable..  She really has an ” eye ”  that gives her blog such a professional look and feel.  And all of the great information that you get from reading her blog is fantastic.  I have learned so much from scanning her blog and seeing all of the informative comments that she receives from her readers are so great.  She also does such a good job of connecting and communicating with her readers that I try to take something away  from her in that area.  I have received an increase in viewers to my site since see has had me on her blog and that sure has been nice to see a boost in hits.  So thanks again Deborah for including me in your blog … Frank

Airport Page 1_5x7_RTP _ SFW

Written by Frank Hardy

March 26, 2014 at 2:15 pm

Book Covers From Shelby Foote …

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IMG_3898 _ S F Autograph 1 _ SFW_Adj

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my father had gone to school back in the late 1920’s at P.K. Younge School on Palafox Street and that the author, Shelby Foote, was in his class.  He wrote Shelby and sent him these book covers, which he graciously signed and sent back.  The one above reads, ” For Frank Hardy, in memory of old days at PK Younge … From Shelby Foote ” .  Here is another cover …

IMG_3914 _ S F Autograph 3 _ RTP _ SFW

This one reads, ” For Frank Hardy From his old school mate … Shelby Foote”.  I have one more cover from his trilogy on the Civil War …

IMG_3906  _ S F Autograph 2 _ RTP_SFW

I am surprised that he titled these books ” The Civil War “, because Southerners never identified the conflict as ” The Civil War ” because there is no such thing as a civil war.  Southerners either called it ” The War Between the States ” or  ” The War of Northern Aggression  “, but very few identified it as ” The Civil War “.  But I guess that most people identified the conflict as The Civil War and recognize it as such.  And one more thing, it was never fought over slavery, however that is another story in itself.  Thanks for looking …. the post previously on Shelby Foote is the one that includes the class photo from my father’s P.K. Younge’s 5th grade class.  Let me know what you thing and as always I am interested in your comments … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

March 13, 2014 at 12:43 pm

Talking On The Phone …

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Hart 1 _ RTP_3 Mar 14 _ SFW

I do not know anything about this photo ( as usual ), but I just thought that it and the one below where cute photographs.   You can just barely see the black phone on the table to the girl’s left.  I would say that these images were made in the early 1950’s.  They could have been taken for Southern Bell, since my father used to take a lot of photos for them.  You can tell that big sister is trying to ignore her little brothers … her being a teenager and everything.   Here is the other photograph …

Hart 2  _ RTP _ 3 Mar 14  _ SFW

Those little guys just are not going to leave her alone.  You can see the phone better in this photo.  How many of you out there can remember seeing a phone like this?  I believe that this style of phone was around for twenty or thirty years before Bell Telephone got around to redesigning it and adding color to the units.  I have a photo somewhere showing  the new style phone and colors somewhere that I will find to post.  I am really surprised how long it took the phone company to come up with different styles of phones to offer the buying public … I guess that the public had other things in life to worry about and not the type or color of what phone they had in their house.  Not today!  You cannot even watch the Oscars without getting bombarded by the new Samsung cell phone.  Times have definitely changed!   Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

March 5, 2014 at 9:09 am

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