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Suter School Play …

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Suter Carnival   21_RTP_1_30_13  SFW

Here are a few more from the Suter School play ” Around the World” …

Suter Carnival   16_RTP _ SFW

Suter Carnival   14 _RTP_SFW

Suter Carnival   10 _RTP _ SFW

Suter Carnival  30  _RTP_1_31_13_ SFW

Suter Carnival  25 _RTP  _  SFW

Suter Carnival  24 _RTP_SFW

Suter Carnival  23 _RTP _ SFW

I have a few of these all worked up and ready to post.  Since I have worked up so many of these photos, I just thought that I would drag them out and make several posts out of all of them.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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February 10, 2013 at 4:14 pm

A Few More From The Suter School Play …

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Here are two more photos that I had worked up and had not posted yet from the Suter School play.  I do not know if this play was called – Around The World or if that was just the name of the hot air balloon.  These carnival plays / pageants must have been popular in the 1950’s, because I have found several negative envelopes from Clubb’s junior high school, also.  A good friend of mine mentioned to me that her sister was crowned ” Queen of Clubb’s ” at one of the pageants and I happened to find a photo of her being crowned.  Here is one more below …

I will hunt down those other negative envelopes containing Suter School plays and let you know in a future post what they are and from what year.  One lady commented and asked me if I have any from a ” Peter Rabbit ” play and I told her that I was not sure what the negatives were from, but I would find them and let her know.  Thanks everyone for looking and all comments are welcomed …

Written by Frank Hardy

June 21, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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