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Another First Methodist Photo …

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First Methdist 1 _ RTP _ 8 April 14  SFW

This is not a great photo … it is not as sharp as I would like it to be.  I have several different variations of this view and I have been working on one for the longest trying to remove the telephone pole out of the photo.  I have about half taken out and I have spent too many hours on it already, but I will finish it one day.  In the mean time I thought that I would just throw this one out.  My father made this back when it snowed fairly hard in Pensacola back in February of 1958, I believe was the year.  If I am wrong, please correct me.  You also see in the corner on the right side of the frame,  the old furniture company building that now houses The Wright Place.  I wish I could remember the name of the old furniture company, but that was before my time.  I remember that Rhodes Furniture occupied the building on the other side of Wright Street across from Christ Church.  If anyone has any comments, please let us hear them and thanks for looking … Frank

NOTE:  The image that I mentioned in the above post is up on the blog and it does have the telephone pole in the image.  I have been working on taking it out and I will eventually.  I am not sure of the date that I posted it, but it is only about 20 or so posts back from this one.  You can go up to the ” search ” button on the top right side of this blog and type in ” First Methodist Church ” and it will pop up with a few other First Methodist posts … Thanks

First Methdist Musicians …

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First Methodist  Musicians   2   _ RTP_SFW _ 11 July 13

This is a group of musicians from First Methodist Church in downtown Pensacola Florida on Wright Street from the 1950’s.  I believe that the organist’s name is Morrison, but I am not positive about that.  None of the other musicians look vaguely familiar.  Here is one more of the group …

First Methodist Musicians  1  _ RTP _ 11 July 13   SFW

I know that someone out there will see this and let us know who they are, it just might take a little time.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

First Methodist in Snow …

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First Methodist in Snow 2_RTP_25 Feb 11 SFW

This photo was taken back in  February 1957, when it snowed so hard and there were several inches on the ground for a day or so.  Notice the snow on the roof of the church.  I found this photo years ago and I started to remove the telephone pole  and parking meters out front, but it was just too much trouble to do.  Let me rephrase that statement … I was spending too many hours on removing the objects and I still had a lot of hours to go before I had every item taken out.  This is going to be a job that I have to pay someone to do for me if I want it done correctly.  Taking out the objects is not the hard and time consuming part, it is replacing parts of the image to make them blend in with the original setting.  So I thought that I would just post it the way it is and see what type of response I get, if I get any at all.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

First Methodist Church …

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This photo of the First Methodist Church in downtown Pensacola Florida must have been made around 1920 or so … and that is just a guess on my part.  This image was made from a copy negative that I scanned years ago, in fact, I do not remember it all.  So I do not know where it came from and I hesitate to say that my father made this photo … he was born in 1915 and this had to have been made around that time.  Notice that there are trees out front and there is no railing on the front steps.  I have never seen this photo anywhere before and I have seen a lot of photos showing the different ” stages ” of First Methodist  Church on Wright Street in Pensacola Florida.  Maybe some First Methodist Historian can give us a clue.  Thanks for looking …

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