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Pure Oil Stations …

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Standard Oil 3_RTP_1_9_13   SFW

How many of you can remember going to a ” Filling Station ” and having someone come out to your car to ” service ” your car?  And be happy to do it!  I do not recognize any of these ” attendants ” or the stations were they are working.  These photos were made back in the 1950’s and I did not start driving until 1969, but I can still remember going to service stations.  I do not think that they were phased out until sometime in the late 1970’s and maybe up until the mid-1980’s, when everything became ” self-serve “.  This FHP patrolman looks like a nice guy … I bet he would let you off with a “warning”, something that the FHP patrolman now seem to have never heard of.  A speeding ticket back in the 1950’s most likely only ran $25 or so, now, you are looking at upwards of $200 or more.

Standard Oil 2_RTP_1_9_13 SFW

The sign on the wall says C.E. Bowden and that name does not register anything to me.  The area next to his building looks like a row of buildings that you might find in some of the rural towns around the Florida Panhandle back in the 1950’s.  I am thinking Marianna, Chipley, Milton … some little town off of Highway 90.

Standard Oil 1_RTP_1_9_13 SFW

This looks more like it could have been made around Pensacola.  The lady looks happy … to be riding around in a car with no air conditioning and a car full of kids … in the summer.  My how times have changed.  She is a soccer mom and she does not even know it!  I have a few more of these negatives that I will post in the future.  Times were much simpler then … how many times have you heard that before?  Thanks for looking and let us hear what you think … Frank

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January 13, 2013 at 10:54 am

Pure Oil Gas Station …

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Not sure where this station was located or who the people are in the photo … I would imagine that the man on the far left is the owner of the business / station and his employees are to the right.  I have several like this that I have worked up and will post later.  I f anyone knows anything about this photo, please let us hear from you … Thanks for looking

Written by Frank Hardy

February 27, 2012 at 10:18 am

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