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The Hair – O – Plane …

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” Excuse me Miss … that is a very attractive airplane you are wearing today on your head. ”

” Why, thank you sir … it is the newest rage in Pensacola Florida.  It is called the Hair-O-Plane and the stews on Eastern Airlines are all wearing them.  I thought that if I were to where one, I might be hired by Eastern Airlines … that is my dream job!  Just think of all the celebrities you get to meet in the friendly skies. ”

Obviously, that is just me trying to be funny, but you really have to wonder what someone was thinking when  the Hair-O-Plane was created.  Eastern Airlines must have put on a fashion show and this could have been the highlight of the show.  The background is the San Carlos Hotel for both of  these photographs.  I wish I knew something about the photos … who the model is, did she get to wear the Hair-O-Plane home, did she get paid or did she have to pay them, and who the hair stylist / airplane designer was … did she or he go on to a famous career out in Hollywood or did their career  ” crash and burn ” with the Hair-O-Plane. Inquiring minds want to know!   Here is the other photo …

If anyone knows the answers to any of the before mentioned questions, please share them with us.  When I posted them on the other site I do not believe that I received one comment.  I was sure that someone would have made some type of remark about the Hair-O-Plane.  I surely thought that there would have been a couple of Eastern Airline Stews from the 1960’s that were just dying to share their stories with this fashion statement.  So please do not be shy, no one here is out to judge or make fun of your sense of style.  Thanks for looking …

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August 14, 2011 at 10:59 am

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