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Rex Theater Concession Stand …

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Ritz Theater_SFW_8 May 13

Here is a photo taken at the old Rex Theater in downtown Pensacola of the Concession Stand.  Look at those prices … hot dog for 15 cents and 5 cents for a snow cone.  Now, I do not think that they even sell hot dogs and I know that you could not get a snow cone.  In fact, I cannot even remember the last time I saw hot dogs advertised at  a theater’s concession stand.  Ten dollars gets a tub of pop corn and a watered down cola … times have sure changed!!  I am hoping to do a few changes to this blog and my personal photography blog  site, 

They are not going to be any major changes, but I hope they are  a slight improvement in the way that the blog will be presented to you to view.  I am always trying to improve the way these blogs will come across to you.  This is only me doing this and I am learning as I  fumble along, so I want to give it a more polished look.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

May 8, 2013 at 10:43 am

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