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Falstaff ….

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Falstaff 4 _ RTP _ 20 Mar 13 copy _ SFW

Falstaff Beer, who can remember it?  I can remember that Falstaff used to sponsor professional baseball games back in the 1960’s and I believe that Dizzy Dean and PeeWee Reese were the announcers back in those days.  Now I was young back then, but that sounds vaguely familiar to me.  I do not know who these men are. Here is one of the delivery men …

Falstaff 5 _ RTP _ 3 Aprl 13   _ SFW

I wonder what ever happened to Falstaff beer?  Let me know if you know what ever happened to Falstaff beer, or PeeWee or Dizzy … Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 30, 2013 at 7:01 pm

Alcaniz and Wright Streets …

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Alcanez and Wright Streets _ RTP_ 14 July 13 _ SFW

This is looking south on Alcaniz Street.  The street light straight ahead is at the intersection of  Alcaniz and Wright Streets.  This was most likely around 1956 or 1957.  The liquor store on the right side is long gone and it is a vacant lot used mostly for parking when the Civic Center has events.  The building on the left used to be a restaurant up until the 1970’s until it closed.  It know houses several businesses … Gent’s Formal Wear, Bosa Alterations, The Emerald City ( don’t ask ) and the world famous Pensacola Photo Supply.  All of these businesses have been opened for many years and if you are looking for tuxes, alterations or anything photographic, please  stop by and see what they have to offer.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 30, 2013 at 6:51 pm

PHS Twirlers …

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PHS Twirler 14_2_Lucis Whole_SFW_12 Jan 11

This photo was taken in front of the old Pensacola High School that was located at the top of the hill on Palafox Street across from the Confederate Memorial.  This must have been made in the early 1950’s.  I have a nice post card of the old PHS somewhere here on this blog.  My father did not take the photo, but I thought that it is a nice image showing the old school.  If anyone recognizes any of these twirlers, let us hear from you.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 30, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Clubbs Junior High School Band …

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Clubbs Band 2_ 1956_SFW  _FHP

Here is the A.V. Clubbs Junior High School Band from sometime back in the 1950’s.  The school used to stand where the new N.B. Cook is now on 12th Avenue.  Here are several more photos …

Clubbs Majorite_1956_SFW_FHP_23 June 11

I do not know who this band majorette is, but she sure is a cute one!!  I thought that I had one more of the band, but I could not find it in this folder so I will look in some others and post it when I find it.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 30, 2013 at 6:22 pm

Bokas Pharmacy in Gulf Breeze …Update

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Bokas Jordan 5_SFW_FHP_23 June 11

I do not remember this pharmacy as Bokas Pharmacy, I remembered it as Bokas-Jordan Pharmacy.  It was also located in a different part of Gulf Breeze than where this one was located.  Maybe someone like Billy Tarbuck who was raised in Gulf Breeze will see this post and can fill us in on some of the details.  This photo was made sometime in the 1950’s, I believe, but I am not sure of the date at all … for all I know it could have been in the early 1960’s.  Thanks for looking .. Frank

UPDATE:  Mrs. Rose Geeker Thames contacted me and said that this photo was taken in April of 1956.  The Bokas Pharmacy above was located in the Benson Building that was located on Hwy 98 at the red light in Gulf Breeze.  I believe the intersection is Hwy 98 and Shoreline Drive and it was the only red light in Gulf Breeze for at least 20 years, if I remember correctly.  I do not know how long the pharmacy was located at this location, since I was born in 1953 and I do not really remember much about Gulf Breeze until the middle to late 1960’s.  Mrs. Thames also mentioned that Vic Bokas was her brother, which I did not know either.  I appreciate all of the comments that readers make to help me put the correct information with the photos … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 30, 2013 at 6:01 pm

Florida Fixture and Cabinet …

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Fla Fixture and Cabinet 1_RTP  11 July 13   SFW

It looks as if business was slow on the cabinet side of the business, the guys would just hammer out a boat or two.  Now that is what I call real ingenuity!!  The business or the building does not look familiar to me, but I a sure that someone out there will recognize the name or the business or might have even purchased a boat from them.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 29, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Group in Front of Christ Church …

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Christ Church Group _RTP_SFW_11 July 13

Now I know for a fact that this was made in front of Christ Church on Wright Street, HOWEVER, as usual, I do not have a clue who the group is.  I would venture a guess and say that it is some type of youth group and I would also imagine that it was made sometime  during the summer.  My father used to make photos at several churches when the church would sponsor these retreats during the summer.  These ” kids ” would come from areas in the southeast and would want a group photo to take home.  I can remember photographing several groups during the summer on one day and then making 100 or so 8×10’s over-night to deliver the next day back during the ’70’s.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 29, 2013 at 3:19 pm

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