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Miscellaneous Photos from the 1950’s …

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Here are a few random photos from the 1950’s that I have not posted anywhere yet.  They are from other groups or sets that I have posted somewhere – on my blogs or Instagram – but have never posted these exact ones.  I will try to add what little I do know about each photo, so if anyone has anything to offer or remember being around when the image was taken, please feel free to jump on in and comment.  Here we go …



This photo and the next are from the Fiesta of Five Flags Parade from 1955.  I am sure this that the sponsor of this float was Coca-Cola, but I do not know who any of the people on the float are or what the theme of the float.  Other than that is one huge Coke bottle!  The buildings in the background are what draws my attention … the old San Carlos Hotel, the A&P Grocery Store on the left side of the frame and then the miscellaneous businesses in the buildings on the right.  The photograph / scan is from a 4×5  negative, so you can read all the names of the businesses on the building.  I just can not put that large of a file up on my blog for you read. Next …



This photo shows the Davy Crockett Foods push cart in the same parade.  I guess that ol’ Davy had not sold enough “BearBurgers” or “CoonDogs” to justify springing for a parade float, so they opted for a push-cart that resembles an ocean liner.  Or that is what it looks like to me.  I like the little boys in the background following along with fishing poles trying to snag a bearburger or a coondog.  Also, how about those to urchins that climbed up on the building above the Acme Stores sign for a better look?  I wonder if this Acme Store sells the same Acme anvil that always flattens Willey Coyote in the cartoons?  You have to have grown up in the fifties and watched cartoons on a b&w tv, kiddies, to get that reference.  Next up is a celebrity photo …



This, boys and girls, is Denise Darnell, who stared in the classic 1950’s movie, The Strip Tease Murder Case.  On my favorite app, IMDb, a fan – the only one posted, by the way – claimed that this movie is his nomination for ” Worst Movie Ever Made “.  I won’t boar you with the rest of the revenue, you can go look it up yourself and read what John Howard Reid has to say in his post.  In fact, I do not know why I even bothered to mention his name, since his review is the only one!  One more interesting tidbit … the advertising poster claims that Denise Darnell is ” 6’7″ of Amazon Beauty “.   And to be perfectly honest, this poster might be the best thing about the movie!  But for those interested, you can go search for it yourself.  Ms Darnell shows up in several of the photos that my father made and for some reason, I want to say that she might have been the “chaperone” for this group of celebrities that included Doc and Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke and Michael Ansara who played Cochise in the tv show ” Broken Arrow ” from the 1950’s.  I only use the word chaperone very loosely, because I could not think of a better word / term – tour guide did not really seem appropriate.  I am hoping that someone out there might remember seeing Ms Darnell here in Pensacola and will make a comment.  I am not really holding my breath on any comments for The Strip Tease Murder Case, but who knows, all we can do is wait and see.

That does it for me.  I am sorry that I missed posting something in December and that made the first month that I missed making a monthly post in years.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season in 2016.  We got to travel to Seattle to spend time with Lauren, Lukas and Travis, whom we had not seen since Christmas before last in Southern California.  I have posted some photos from this years trip over on my personal blog, Frank Hardy Photo Blog .

Thanks for looking and please comment regardless whether you know something or not … I just like hearing from you.  I know that people are looking because I see the stats, it just does not tell me whom, but I do know where.  Also, don’t forget that I post fairly regularly on my Instagram account: @frankphardy .

That’s all Doc …  ( one more feeble reference to 1950’s b&w cartoons that I grew up on ).

Pensacola in the 1950’s …

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The first photo is one of Ginn’s Restaurant  that was on the corner of 12th Avenue and Gonzalez Streets.  You see the old Winn-Dixie Grocery Store to the west and the old Sacred Heart Hospital would be across 12th Avenue to the east just out of the frame of the photo.  This photo is a panorama image made with a Wide-Lux camera that my father owned and was burnt up in the fire, which will be another post very shortly.  Here is the image …

12th and Gonzalez _ Looking South 9_19_14   SFW

How about that old Cadillac parked out front on 12th Avenue?    The next is just a parade shot from a Fiesta Parade back in 1955 … nothing spectacular about the image ( the Cadillac in this image is carrying the then Governor of Florida – LeRoy Collins )  and I have a better view somewhere in this blog already.  But the reason that I am mentioning that here and now is that I just found movie film that my father shot of the 1953 and 1954 Fiesta Parades.  Not the three inch reels , but full ten inch reels.  And in Color! No sound though.  I know that it can be transferred over to digital, but all of the quotes have been in the hundreds of dollars per reel and I am not that interested in spending the money right now.  However, that does not mean that I won’t in the future … we will have to just wait and see.  Here is the image …

1955 Fiesta Parade on Palafox

Just imagine all of those horses and riders and cars moving across the screen in COLOR!  For the time, this will have to do … but who knows what the future will bring?  I have posted quite a few images from this vantage point ( ground level ) that my father has taken in the past.  If you type ” LeRoy Collins ” in search field above on the right side, it should pop up … I have not tried it yet, but I am pretty sure it should because I know it is posted somewhere on this blog.

Thanks for taking the time and looking … I have been busy lately and I have neglected this site and my personal photography blog, but I have several ready to post and will get around to posting them shortly … Thanks for all the comments also … Frank

Miss America 1951 …

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Here are a few more photos of Yolande Betbeze from Mobile Alabama who was chosen as Miss America 1951.   The link goes to the Miss America web site, but you might want to go to her Wikipedia site and read what they have say.  I am not going to go into it here, but she was one of the most controversial winners that the Miss America had up until that point.  Here are several of her from a parade … most likely a Fiesta Parade, but I am not real sure which parade it was.  Here we go …


Fiesta 1951_Miss America_2_RTP_3 June 13_SFW

Fiesta 1951_Miss America_3_Cropped 2

Fiesta 1951_Miss America_4 _SFW_11 July 13

The middle photo was taken on the corner of Palafox and Garden Street because see the Masonic Lodge building in the background ( which is now Vinyl Music Hall ).  As far as any of the people in the background, maybe you might see someone that you recognize and identify.  That policeman sure pulled some tough duty escorting Miss Betbeze around … he must be the chief or the chief’s relative,  I am sure that this would have been a prized job to have.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Fiesta of Five Flags 1954 …

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Fiesta 195_  1_RTP_15 June 13  _  SFW

Here are some images from 4×5 color transparencies that I ran across and forgot that I had found.  I actually had found them 10 years or so ago, but they were so discolored that I did not want to bother to post them.  I figured out how to color correct images in Photoshop several years ago, but never ran across the transparencies until just recently.   I am not sure who any of the people on the float are, but I know that the float is some where on Palafox Street.  If you look real close on the right hand side of the image, you can see the front of the Municipal Auditorium way in the background.  I am not sure what the building is directly in back of the float, but I am sure that someone out there can tell us …   Here is another float that was in line before this float …

Fiesta Court 1954_RTP_SFW_16 June 13

And then here is one of the King and Queen of the Fiesta …

Fiesta King and Queen_1954 _ RTP  _  SFW

These scans could have used some more work because if you look close, you can see some very small dust marks in the sky and on the costumes.  But for this blog they are not that noticeable.   I am going to post below an original scan of one of these transparencies, so you can see how much they had discolored through the years ( almost 60 to be exact ).  However, with the creation of Photoshop you can almost bring back any image to it’s original color and brilliance.  Here is the original scan …

Fiesta Court 195_No Correction_RTP_SFW

Some difference …  If anyone knows who any of the people are, please let us hear from you.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

Fiesta Parade 1955 …

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Fiesta Parade 1955  6_RTP_14 April 13_Lucis_SFW

These are two from the Fiesta Parade of 1955.  I just found them the other day and they show downtown Pensacola very well.  I have scanned them all, but have only worked up these two, but they are in good shape, so I will post the rest in a few weeks.  This looks like a float with the Kid’s Court, but that is just my guess, since I do not see a name on the float.

Fiesta Parade 1955  9  _ RTP_ 3 Apr 13 _ SFW

Here are a couple of clowns … notice that they are on Palafox Street next to Christ Church and that Palafox at this time was still paved with bricks.  I have no idea who these clowns are, but everyone around them are smiling, so they must be doing their jobs.  My all-time favorite clowns were the guys from the jail that were always the last ones in the parade scooping up after the horses … I wish my dad would have taken some photos of them.  They always made me laugh and I told my mother that I wanted to be just like those guys, since they always looked like they were having so much fun!  My mother always told me that I should have some higher aspirations, but at five, I did not know what she was talking about.  Only later … Thanks for looking and commenting … Frank

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Fiesta Parade 1956 …

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Fiesta 1956_16 DeLuna Group_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_15_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_14_Young Twirlers_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_13_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_11_RTP_1_13_13   SFW

These are from the Fiesta Parade of 1956.  I do not have any comments about any of these … they are pretty much self – explanatory.  The first photo below is of the car carrying the Governor of Florida at the time – LeRoy Collins.  There is a photo of him in an earlier post and it might have been taken before the parade started …

Fiesta 1956_12_Gov Collins_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_10_RTP_1_12_13     SFW Fiesta 1956_9_RTP_1_12_13    SFW Fiesta 1956_8_RTP_1_12_13    SFW Fiesta 1956_7_RTP_1_12_13    SFW Fiesta 1956_6_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_5_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_4_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_3_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_2_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_1_RTP_1_12_13   SFW

I think that there are 16 photos in this post and I believe that I broke it up on the other blog that I had, but since I did not have any comments or information about any of these images … I just decided to post them all.  If anyone recognizes any of these groups or people, please let us hear from you.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Florida Float in Fiesta Parade …

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Fiesta 1959_Florida Float with Oranges_SFW_11 Dec 12

This is the state of Florida’s float in the 1959 Fiesta of Five Flags Parade.  I wonder whose bright idea it was to dress up a bunch of ten year olds as oranges  and have them march 3 or 4 miles up and down Palafox Street  in 100 degree heat.  The state must have been broke back in 1959, also.  Tallahassee  could not even spring for a car to tow the float, so they just got a couple of Boy Scouts to pull the float!  If anyone remembers any of this, please let us hear from you … especially if you might have been one of the oranges walking up and Palafox Street or one of the Boy Scouts.  If those Scouts did not get a towing merit badge out of this, they were robbed!  Thanks for looking … Frank

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