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Fiesta Parade 1956 …

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Fiesta 1956_16 DeLuna Group_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_15_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_14_Young Twirlers_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_13_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_11_RTP_1_13_13   SFW

These are from the Fiesta Parade of 1956.  I do not have any comments about any of these … they are pretty much self – explanatory.  The first photo below is of the car carrying the Governor of Florida at the time – LeRoy Collins.  There is a photo of him in an earlier post and it might have been taken before the parade started …

Fiesta 1956_12_Gov Collins_RTP_1_13_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_10_RTP_1_12_13     SFW Fiesta 1956_9_RTP_1_12_13    SFW Fiesta 1956_8_RTP_1_12_13    SFW Fiesta 1956_7_RTP_1_12_13    SFW Fiesta 1956_6_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_5_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_4_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_3_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_2_RTP_1_12_13   SFW Fiesta 1956_1_RTP_1_12_13   SFW

I think that there are 16 photos in this post and I believe that I broke it up on the other blog that I had, but since I did not have any comments or information about any of these images … I just decided to post them all.  If anyone recognizes any of these groups or people, please let us hear from you.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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