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Town and Country Plaza …

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Town and Country Plaza 2 _ 1956_RTP_14 Dec 15 _SFW

This is a view of Town and Country Plaza being built back in the early 1960’s.  The camera was a Wide-Lux Panoramic camera that used 120 roll film.  I do not know who the developers of this project were, but I doubt that this was a local group.  The road in the foreground was called ” Pottery Plant Road ” and was eventually changed to Fairfield Drive since the Pensacola Interstate Fair used to be located on this road before it was relocated to Mobile Highway.  Here is one more view …


Town and Country Plaza _ 1956_RTP_14 Dec 15_SFW

Back when this shopping center was built, no one could envision a shopping mall that would be enclosed and air conditioned.  In fact, I am sure a lot of people at this time would ask ” what is air conditioning ? ” .  If anyone wants to share there shopping experiences here at Town and Country Plaza, please feel free.   Thanks for looking and please check back.  And Happy Holidays to everyone …



Thom McAnn …

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Thom McAnn 3 _ RTP _ 13 April 15  _ SFW

Here are some photos of the Thom McAnn Shoe Store that was located out at Town and Country Plaza.  This store looks as it was one of the first stores when the shopping center was being built.  I ran across some negatives of it being built and I will try to find them.  I do not know what year it was built, but it was sometime in the early 1960’s I would guess.  Notice next door is  “Amy’s “, a dress store and the name sounds familiar.  Here are a few of the interior …


Thom McAnn 2 _ RTP _ 13 April 15 _ SFW

Thom McAnn 1_Levels Only_ RTP _ 13 April 15  _ SFW

Notice how at the end of the chairs on this end is a couple of ash-trays.  Now I would say that was pretty considerate!!  I can vaguely remember seeing the store and going in with my mother back then.  I do not know if Thom McAnn is still in business  today.  And I am not sure if we even have one in this area today, but I am not much of a shopper and have not been out to Cordova Mall much since it was remodeled, except to eat.  Thanks for looking and please share your shoe buying experiences at Thom McAnn’s if you have any … Frank

Borden’s Dairy …

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This is the Borden’s Dairy plant that was located on Davis Highway, just south of Fairfield Drive.  On the old site, this photo and the aerial of this plant that I am going to post next, were two separate posts, but I just decided to combine the two.  The plant above is pretty much a straight commercial shot of the building itself … the aerial that I am going to post is interesting in that it was before the I-110 spur was built.  Here is the aerial view of the Borden’s plan:

Notice how Fairfield Drive was just a two lane road, and I believe that back in the 1950’s when this photograph was taken it was called ” Pottery Plant Road “.  You also see the drive-in that was located next to the plant.  I do not remember the name of the drive-in so if anyone does, let us know the name.  The school in back of the plant is still there and I believe that it is Brown-Barge Elementary, but please correct me if I am wrong.  The houses across the street are all still there today.  Remember that all comments are welcomed … thanks for looking.

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