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California Bungalow …

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Bungalow  L A    2 _ RTP_ 1_26_14 _ SFW

I have found some more negatives recently from one of my father’s trips out to California in the 1940’s and 50’s to visit his sister, Lucille.  I have no idea about the history behind these two images, other than the fact that they were made somewhere in California … could be Los Angeles, maybe Modesto … who knows.  But it looks like the type of place that you would find Humphrey Bogart walking out of after received a call in the middle of the night from an unknown stranger that said he would find a blond hair starlet lying dead across the bed if he went to this bungalow off of Sunset Boulevard.  I guess that I have read too many detective novels or have seen too many black and white films form the 1950’s.  Here is one more view …

Bungalow  LA   1 _RTP_1_26_14 _ SFW

Maybe someone out there might recognize where this is … I have really been surprised of all of the people from Modesto California that have viewed this site and commented about certain areas in the past.  This place just looks like a generic photo of a California motel / apartment from the 1950’s, so I do know really expect much.  I is just fun to speculate and imagine some story behind these old photographs.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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January 26, 2014 at 11:25 am

One More From Modesto …

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Here is one more for my friends out in Modesto … I cannot tell you how many  hits I get on this site from people out in Modesto, but it is quite a few. My father never mentioned about traveling through Modesto on his trips out to LA to visit his sister back in the 1950’s. If I was on these trips, I would have only been between the ages of 2 and 5. I know that he took several trips to Yosemite and I guess that Modesto must be somewhere between there and Los Angeles. I do not know if this sign still exists out in Modesto now, it looks as if it would be too low for trucks to pass under. I have found several new negatives from this area that I will post in the near future … and I thought that I had run out of Modesto negatives! Thanks for everyone’s comments and as always, thanks for looking …

UPDATE:  I did some work on this photo and sharpened another image up a good bit.  The lettering on the sign reads: ” Water    Wealth   Contentment    Health ”  .  I also noticed that the car’s tag in front of my parent’s car reads” 9D 16890″.  Years ago, the Florida state license tag identified what county that the car was registered in.  The “9” meant that the car was registered in Escambia County, which happened to be the 9th most populated county in the state at that time.  A tag that started with “1” meant that the car was from Miami or Dade County.  I think that Santa Rosa was somewhere around “33”, but I believe that only the first ten counties were identified by population and from “11” on they were alphabetic.   At first I thought that my father had made this photo because of the sign, but it could have been something simple like just seeing this car registered in Escambia County out in Modesto California.  I am sorry that the Internet does not show how sharp these images actually are … someday I will have to try to put on a show so everyone can see the finished prints.  Thanks again … Frank

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April 4, 2012 at 11:16 am

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