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Happy New Year …

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SeaSide _ May 2012 _ 31 Dec 13_SFW

This is SeaSide Florida, several years ago … I cropped off the half moon that was in the top part of the image.  After looking at the moon for so long, I did not think that it really added much to the frame and took it off.  This looks more like California than Florida, but it does not matter.  I hope that everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve … stop after the second drink ( better off to not even start ) and you will feel great tomorrow and be ready to get started with 2014.  I wonder what 2014 will bring … No major changes for us, not like occurred in 2012 and 2013 … not really major, but some important changes none the less.   Ok, enough rambling, stay safe and stay out of jail … Frank

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December 31, 2013 at 3:31 pm

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Personal Composite Over At Frank Hardy Photo Blog …

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10x8 Image Composite_29 Dec 13_Flat _SFW

This is a little self-publicizing on my part … I have been working for the past several weeks on some composites of my photography and I am creating one for this site.  My problem is trying to figure out how to create a composite with several hundred images.  I am embarrassed to say how many hours I spent working on the one above and I do not think that I have 60 images on it !  It is a lot harder than it looks and I am not at a point where I have  everything sized the same and all lines parallel and perpendicular.   But putting it on a black background helped cover up a lot of mistakes and errors.  I think that most people that come to this site know who I am and know my background, but I seem to be getting new viewers as time goes by and most are not from this area of the Panhandle of Florida.  So most are not familiar with my own personal work.  Here is a link to my site : 

Thanks for looking and for all of the viewers that are new, thanks for taking the time to look and view this site.  Go over and see what I do personally and if I can ever be of service, please reach me through either site.  I very seldom use Facebook …. I still have not been able figure it out … Too many things that I do not like: the ads, the layout, the size of your image / images, I could keep on going, but I am going to stop there.  Sometime next year I plan on trying to work it in with both of these blogs, since I know I could reach more people and make more contacts.  For now … Stay out of trouble and have a Happy New Year … Frank

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December 30, 2013 at 10:13 am

P. K. Younge Elementary School …

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IMG_0224  P K Younge _ RTP_ 20 Dec 13  SFW

This  photo is one that I had copied years ago for someone and I ran across it recently.  My father and his brother used to walk to school here back in the 1920’s … now let me tell you where they used to walk from.  When my father’s family moved to Pensacola in 1925, they moved to Reus and Garden Streets, where my grandmother ran a rooming / boarding house,  So may father and his brother would walk 5 blocks down Garden Street to Palafox Street, where they would turn left and head north ( I believe in an earlier post, I show this intersection of Garden and Palafox where there was a watering fountain for horses in the middle of the intersection … I will check on this to be sure ).  So they turn up Palafox, walk by the old San Carlos Hotel and keep on walking up the hill to Cervantes.  They cross over Cervantes Street and keep walking another 8 or 9 blocks until reach this school.  My dad said that he and Ben walked every day, rain or shine and never missed a day.  He also said that when they left their house it was just him and Ben, but by the time they got to school, they had been by joined by 20 or so kids.  I have a photo somewhere of him and his fifth grade class sitting on the steps of the school.  And that brings me another story …

In his class was a kid named Shelby and Shelby lived with his grandparent’s somewhere near the school in North Hill.  My dad said he thought it was North Hill, because it did not take him as long to walk to school as it took him and Ben.  My father would later show me the photo of the class  and I think that he had the names of all the kids on the back of the photo, but he would usually just single out Shelby,  unless he was talking about someone else he might have run into from that era.  Fast forward 55 years or so and by this time I was working with my father at the studio and the photo rings and I answer ” Frank Hardy Studio “.  This voice on the other end says in this long, Southern drawl ” Fraaank this is Sheeelby from ol’ PK Younge ”  and I said something like ” Glad to hear you Shelby … How are you doing? … You sound good ” .  Shelby then says ” You sound mighty good too Frank,  for being so old “, I laughed and  said  ” Hold on Shelby and I will  transfer you up front  to my dad, I am back in the darkroom printing” .   He then said, and I never forgot this,  ” I only went to PK Younge for a while and your father was one of the few kids that I really got to know and he was always nice to me and I never forgot that “.  They talked for an hour or so and when I noticed that the call was finished,  I walked out front and asked my dad who that hillbilly was and he said ” That was Shebly Foote and I guarantee you, he is no hillbilly “.  He told me that Shelby became a writer and later wrote books on the Civil War that  on which he became a noted authority.  My father  wrote him a letter through his publisher and had included that class photo of their PK Younge class.  Shelby said that he had never seen that photo before and was so happy to have a copy.  Several weeks later later a package arrived from New York … Shelby had sent my father his Civil War Trilogy series  and on the inside flap he had inscribed something like ” To my old PK Younge buddy, Shelby Foote” .  Sometime in the future I will photograph the inscription and add it to this post and I will also post the class photo.  I should have been more prepared, I apologize, that it going to be one of my New Year’s Resolutions …

That is my PK Younge / Shelby Foote story … It is not much, but it just shows what type of person my father was.  Thanks for looking and as always, all comments are welcome and are appreciated … Frank

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December 28, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Miami Beach From The 1950’s …

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Miami 50s 2 _ RTP _ SFW

This was made back in the 1950’s … I have found several sleeves of these 120 negatives that my father made and I have worked several of them up and posted them earlier.  Here are several more that I thought that I would post for your viewing enjoyment.  The next show you the ” Colonnades ” Hotel down on Miami Beach.  I am not sure if this place is still located on Miami Beach …

Miami 50s 4A_SFW_21 Dec 12

Now here is the hotel …

Miami 50s_Colonades_SFW_12_19_12

And finally, a view of one of the neighborhoods down in Miami … I can almost see Tubbs and Crocket hanging out on this street waiting for the bad guys to show with the goods  ( now don’t say you do not know who Crocket and Tubbs are? ).  I caught a Miami Vice on TV Land a while back and I could not get over how dated the show looked.  If you look close, I swear you see Tubbs and Crocket in the back of that woody parked in the street.  I will post some other photos from Miami later … thanks for looking … Frank

Miami 50s 4_Suburb_SFW_21 Dec 12

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Old Motel Room …

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Unknown Motel Room_RTP_24 Dec 13  SFW

I know nothing about this motel room … have no clue where it was located or when it was taken or for what reason the photo was taken.  If I had to guess, I would say the early 1950’s, maybe out west somewhere …. other than that, no clue.  I think when I look at an image like this, the first thing that jumps out at me is the window unit … I bet a lot of motels did not have window units back in the early 1950’s and then look at the furniture and also how small the room looks to be.  Occasionally I might think about a story to go along with these images and doing something about tying a few of them together somehow, but as you can tell from this blog I am not a writer, so I file that back in the vault somewhere.  Thanks for looking and if you have comments, please let me hear them … Frank

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December 26, 2013 at 4:29 pm

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Spain ….

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Spain_Boy in Field_RTP_23 Dec 13  SFW

This photo was made outside of Malaga in Spain.  I guess they did not use hay thrashers that would separate the wheat from the chafe, this kid would just through the hay up in the air and would let the wind do the separating.  This was back in 1972, so you would have thought that would have had machinery to do this type of work, but no, a 12 or 13 year old kid did the heavy lifting.  But he was enjoying himself and he had a big smile on his face when we where taking these photos.  The one below was in a bull ring in Ronda.

Spanish Bull Fight_1983_RTP _ SFW

This was different, but it was not something that I would go to every weekend.  Thanks for looking …  Frank

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December 26, 2013 at 3:48 pm

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Bayou Texar Ski Club …

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I am not sure if these were made in 1977 or 1979, but I know that someone will let us know.  For some reason, I want to say that these were made for publicity when the Ski Club appeared on the Labor Day Jerry Lewis Telethon.  I used to ski in the Bayou back in the 1960’s, but once I started going to UWF, we sold the boat and that was the end of my water skiing.  I always enjoyed skiing and I have a lot of photos around of me skiing that I will try to find and throw up so everyone can get a good laugh.  As usual, I do not know who most of the skiers are, but I can pick out a Bonifay or two, and I will throw that out when I run across them.  So here goes some photos …

Ski Club 1 _ RTP _ 24 Dec 13  _ SFW

Ski Club 3  _ RTP _ 23 Dec 13  _ SFW

Ski Club 6 _ RTP _ 23 Dec 13  _ SFW

I am fairly sure that Paul Bonifay is the clown on the right side and I think I know the guy next to him, but I want to make sure before I embarrass someone.  A few more with the girls …

Ski Club 13 _ RTP_ 23 Dec 13  _ SFW

Now we are getting somewhere … I am pretty sure that that is Ginger Bonifay on the front row left as you are looking at the photo.

Ski Show 1 _ RTP _ SFW_ 26 Dec 13

That is Ginger on the far left in this photo … cannot tell you who the other girls are but they are some cuties ( if I insult any of the girls with my sexist remarks, I am sorry … I think I am just stating the obvious )  I do not know where I was this day that my dad went and took these photos, but I sure missed it!!!   Here are a few more …

Ski Club 9 _ RTP_ 23 Dec 13 _ SFW

Ski Club 5  RTP_23 Dec 13  _ SFW

That is five or six that I have worked-up and I would say that I have several more that I will get ready and post.  If any one recognizes any of these skiers, let us hear from you and if you know any other info about the Bayou Texar Ski Club, please share it with us.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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December 26, 2013 at 3:29 pm

Bayou Texar Early 1900’s …

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Bayou Texar _ RTP _ 20 Dec 13   SFW

This photo was taken of Bayou Texar in the early 1900’s and was in a book created by Pensacola photographer Cottrell.  The book was brought to me and I copied the photos for the owner of the book.  I have never seen another copy of this book and I have mentioned it in earlier posts … the book was titled ” Picturesque Pensacola “.  I believe that this area of the Bayou is what you see to the south when you drive across the Cervantes Street bridge.  I have never seen this photo reproduced anywhere … I have checked down at the Pensacola Historical Society and they do not have a copy of the image.  If you have seen this anywhere, please let me know or if you have ever run across Cottrell’s book let me hear from you.  I have some other photos ready that I will post in the next few days … thanks for looking, Frank

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December 20, 2013 at 8:25 pm

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