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Everglades On The Bay …

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Hotel Everglades Building _ 8x8 _ 24 May 16_RTP_SFW

The Everglades Hotel on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami was built back in the 1920’s.  It was finished in 1926, several months before the famous hurricane of 1926 that demolished a lot of South Florida from the Keys to Miami.  I have seen several shows on this hurricane on the Florida Public Broadcasting Channel that have been very interesting.  I have posted other photos from Miami and Miami Beach that my father had taken, but just ran across this negative the other day.  The hotel was demolished back on January 23, 2007 and there are videos on YouTube showing the demolition if you are interested.  If anyone has any stories that they want to share of their stay at the Everglades Hotel, we would love to hear them.  I still have more negatives of Miami to scan and post, so please check back.  Thanks again for looking and check back …. Frank

Miami Beach From The 1950’s …

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Miami 50s 2 _ RTP _ SFW

This was made back in the 1950’s … I have found several sleeves of these 120 negatives that my father made and I have worked several of them up and posted them earlier.  Here are several more that I thought that I would post for your viewing enjoyment.  The next show you the ” Colonnades ” Hotel down on Miami Beach.  I am not sure if this place is still located on Miami Beach …

Miami 50s 4A_SFW_21 Dec 12

Now here is the hotel …

Miami 50s_Colonades_SFW_12_19_12

And finally, a view of one of the neighborhoods down in Miami … I can almost see Tubbs and Crocket hanging out on this street waiting for the bad guys to show with the goods  ( now don’t say you do not know who Crocket and Tubbs are? ).  I caught a Miami Vice on TV Land a while back and I could not get over how dated the show looked.  If you look close, I swear you see Tubbs and Crocket in the back of that woody parked in the street.  I will post some other photos from Miami later … thanks for looking … Frank

Miami 50s 4_Suburb_SFW_21 Dec 12

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Miami Beach in the 1960’s …

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I posted a photo similar to this one earlier, but I looked at this negative and it looked a little sharper and clearer, so I just decided to post it again ( I have found some more negative strips taken in Miami during the 1950’s and have been working them up, so check back ) .  This is the FountainBleau Hotel in Miami Beach.   I think I can see Sammy, Dino and Frank in one of those windows looking out over the boulevard, maybe looking out for Meyer Lansky or one of his other men.   You can never be to sure back in the 1950’s … Las Vegas was still new and was not drawing the crowds that Miami was back then.  And besides, if the action was not happening here, you could just hop over to Havana and keep the party going.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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