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Paper Machine Abstract …

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This is one of that paper machine that I posted earlier.  I had worked it up several months ago and someone had made a comment about the machine recently and I just thought it was an interesting photograph.  It is not really an abstract, but for lack of a better headline, I just titled it one … Paper Machine just does not get it.  I hope everyone looks at this as a work in progress and I hope to improve my writing skills the more I write.  I had one sentence in the last post that was a terrible run-on sentence, but I tend to write like I talk and my mind works faster than my hands and mouth.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

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August 19, 2012 at 8:35 pm

A Few More Celebrities …

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Here is one that I have never posted before  …  Cochise ( Michael Ansara ) and his date / lady friend, Denise Darnell, Miss Kitty ( Amanda Blake ) and Doc ( I cannot remember his name right now ) from Gunsmoke.  They are standing outside a room down at the Town House Motor Lodge on Cervantes.  We all know Cochise, Kitty and Doc, but I Googled Denise Darnell and the only thing I came up with was a movie she made back in 1950 called ” The Striptease Murder Case ” or something to that effect.  Maybe some of you out there have heard something about her and could fill us in.  Whatever, she sure dresses nice … she looks as if she has Hollywood written all over her … the white gloves and white framed sun glasses … I doubt she picked those up down town at Woolworth’s on Palafox Street.

Now on a serious note, I want to thank Troy Moon at the Pensacola News Journal for writing the article and for Ginny Graybiel, the managing editor of the Pensacola News Journal, for publishing the article.  It was a very nicely written and factual piece on my father’s photography and this blog.  I also want to thank Katie King on the nice photo that she made of me with some of the photographs … that should earn her newspaper award somewhere!!  Thanks again for the great piece … Frank

One more thing … to all the people who have been so kind to write comments here on this blog, I appreciate everything that everybody has written and I respond to all comments that that have been written so far.  And I plan on writing a response to everyone that has written today, but because there have been so many of them, it is going to take me some time, however I want to do it to show my appreciation, so please bear with me.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

Paper Machine Close-Up …

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This is a close-up of a paper machine that my father made back in the 1950’s.  I do not know if this was made at the St. Regis Paper Mill or not.  The only two places that used rolls of paper this large was St. Regis, which was a paper mill that manufactured paper or the Pensacola News Journal, which used rolls this large to print their newspapers with.  Anyway, I have always been attracted to large machinery for all the photographic possibilities they present.  They almost appear abstract when you take a small area of this huge machine and concentrate your photograph it.  I found a negative envelope that has 10 or sh 4×5 negatives of the paper machine and this is the most interesting to me.  Maybe at a later date I will work -up a few and post them.  Now, when you see machinery like this, you know that it is operated by computers and high technology.  Back in the 50’s, all you had was a panel with several gauges, a couple of nobs and buttons, a maybe, just maybe, a light or two… one being red that you hoped never came on!

That is about it for now.  Please let us hear from you, all comments are appreciated.  I know people are looking from the stats listing on my WordPress dashboard, so please do not be shy.  Thanks again for looking …


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August 16, 2012 at 10:28 am

One More From 12th and Gonzalez Streets …

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This is one more panorama made with the Wide-Lux 120 that my father owned.  This is from the diagonal of the last pano showing Ginn’s and Kwik Chek on the south side of Gonzalez and 12th.  The signs on the building say ” Shaws ” and ” M&M Hardware and Fishing Tackle ” .  The business at the left end of the building was  ” Friendly Service “.  They had a deli that made sandwiches and had cold salads like potato salad, cole slaw, etc.  They even had a hot bar that had meat loaf, cabbage, navy beans and the like.  That business I remember very well because it did not close until the early 1980’s.  This photo was made in the mid-1950’s, so you see that 12th Avenue was stilled paved with bricks.

Anybody out there that wants to share their memories of Friendly Service, Shaw’s or M&M Hardware and Fishing … please let us hear.  I will ask you to refrain from talking about one item from Friendly Service … their meat-loaf sandwiches.  To this day, that has to be my all-time favorite sandwich and I have never had one ( except from home ) that has been that tasty or delicious.  Thanks again for looking and let us hear your comments.

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August 16, 2012 at 10:06 am

Ginn’s Restaurant …

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This is the corner of 12th Avenue and Gonzalez Street, somewhere around 1956 or 7.  This is where I spent the first 20 something years of my life … anyone that is familiar with my father’s studio knew that it was located just down from that Cadillac parked on the left side of this image.  I have a photo showing the other side of the street that I am working on that I will most in the next day or so.  I know I have posted several photos of this corner in the past, so if you are curious, just search  ” 12th Avenue ” and see what pops up.  Thanks for looking …

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August 9, 2012 at 9:44 pm

Leaving on a Jet Plane …

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This was the “Main Gate” at the old terminal at Pensacola Airport back in the 1950’s through the 70’s.  I can remember this very vividly.  I wish I had some photos of the interior of the airport to share with everyone.  If anyone has any, please feel free to email them to me and I would be happy to share them with you.  This is a new post from this wedding … I posted a photo of this couple standing at the back of the plane on the old site, so I will find it and post it later.  Thanks for looking …

By the way, I believe that the old airport was named ” Haigler Field ” after our state legislator, Jack Haigler.  If I am wrong on this, please correct me.  I did not think of it until after I had written the top part and was getting ready to post this.

Written by Frank Hardy

August 9, 2012 at 9:30 pm

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