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One More From 12th and Gonzalez Streets …

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This is one more panorama made with the Wide-Lux 120 that my father owned.  This is from the diagonal of the last pano showing Ginn’s and Kwik Chek on the south side of Gonzalez and 12th.  The signs on the building say ” Shaws ” and ” M&M Hardware and Fishing Tackle ” .  The business at the left end of the building was  ” Friendly Service “.  They had a deli that made sandwiches and had cold salads like potato salad, cole slaw, etc.  They even had a hot bar that had meat loaf, cabbage, navy beans and the like.  That business I remember very well because it did not close until the early 1980’s.  This photo was made in the mid-1950’s, so you see that 12th Avenue was stilled paved with bricks.

Anybody out there that wants to share their memories of Friendly Service, Shaw’s or M&M Hardware and Fishing … please let us hear.  I will ask you to refrain from talking about one item from Friendly Service … their meat-loaf sandwiches.  To this day, that has to be my all-time favorite sandwich and I have never had one ( except from home ) that has been that tasty or delicious.  Thanks again for looking and let us hear your comments.

Written by Frank Hardy

August 16, 2012 at 10:06 am

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