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New Composite From Old Photos …

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Dads Composite 1 _10x8_3 Jan 14  SFW

I made a composite of some of my photos over on my site last week and posted it … have had some positive comments, so I decided to create with my father’s images.  Also, where I put less than sixty photos, I decided to put several hundred on his ( the one above ).  The main problem was that I did not realize how long that this project would take … I am too embarrassed to say how many hours that I have to this piece.  My only saving grace was that I got myself a Spotify account and I have found more new music that I never knew existed to entertain myself will I worked on this compilation.  The composite is by no way perfect and it has a lot of flaws that I hope people will overlook because of the shear number of images that I have put on this piece.  That is no rhyme or reason how I put all of these together and there is no structure or organization to any of it, except to make it fit without any large gaps between the photos in any direction.  The image is sized to 10×8 and I do not know if it will show up as an 10×8 on this WordPress Blog.  Like I said on the other one that I created with my images … if you click on the image, it should open the image up by itself in another window.  If you click on the Ctrl Key while you click on the (+) key, the image should enlarge in increments of around 25% with each click.  Try it and let me know.  That is all for now … I hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays … Please feel free to comment and if you have any questions, ask.  Also, please feel free share this link with all of your friends.  They do not have to be from the area, I just hope that they are interested in photographs from the past.  Thanks … Frank

Personal Composite Over At Frank Hardy Photo Blog …

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10x8 Image Composite_29 Dec 13_Flat _SFW

This is a little self-publicizing on my part … I have been working for the past several weeks on some composites of my photography and I am creating one for this site.  My problem is trying to figure out how to create a composite with several hundred images.  I am embarrassed to say how many hours I spent working on the one above and I do not think that I have 60 images on it !  It is a lot harder than it looks and I am not at a point where I have  everything sized the same and all lines parallel and perpendicular.   But putting it on a black background helped cover up a lot of mistakes and errors.  I think that most people that come to this site know who I am and know my background, but I seem to be getting new viewers as time goes by and most are not from this area of the Panhandle of Florida.  So most are not familiar with my own personal work.  Here is a link to my site : 

Thanks for looking and for all of the viewers that are new, thanks for taking the time to look and view this site.  Go over and see what I do personally and if I can ever be of service, please reach me through either site.  I very seldom use Facebook …. I still have not been able figure it out … Too many things that I do not like: the ads, the layout, the size of your image / images, I could keep on going, but I am going to stop there.  Sometime next year I plan on trying to work it in with both of these blogs, since I know I could reach more people and make more contacts.  For now … Stay out of trouble and have a Happy New Year … Frank

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December 30, 2013 at 10:13 am

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