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Thanks To Deborah at ” Airports Made Simple ” …

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Airport Page 2_5x7_RTP _SFW

I just wanted to take a minute and thank Deborah over at Airports Made Simple  for asking me to to be her ” Guest Blogger of the Month “.  She did all of the layout and design on her blog, all I did was supply the photos and some copy.  She arraigned everything and added some quotes to really tie everything together to make  the posts so interesting and readable..  She really has an ” eye ”  that gives her blog such a professional look and feel.  And all of the great information that you get from reading her blog is fantastic.  I have learned so much from scanning her blog and seeing all of the informative comments that she receives from her readers are so great.  She also does such a good job of connecting and communicating with her readers that I try to take something away  from her in that area.  I have received an increase in viewers to my site since see has had me on her blog and that sure has been nice to see a boost in hits.  So thanks again Deborah for including me in your blog … Frank

Airport Page 1_5x7_RTP _ SFW

Written by Frank Hardy

March 26, 2014 at 2:15 pm

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