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Clubbs Junior High School Band …

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Clubbs Band 2_ 1956_SFW  _FHP

Here is the A.V. Clubbs Junior High School Band from sometime back in the 1950’s.  The school used to stand where the new N.B. Cook is now on 12th Avenue.  Here are several more photos …

Clubbs Majorite_1956_SFW_FHP_23 June 11

I do not know who this band majorette is, but she sure is a cute one!!  I thought that I had one more of the band, but I could not find it in this folder so I will look in some others and post it when I find it.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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July 30, 2013 at 6:22 pm

Out Front of Old Sacred Heart Hospital …

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Nuns in Front of Old Hospital 2_SFW_FHP_July 11

Here is a group of nuns standing in front of the old Sacred Heart Hospital.  I do not know anything about this photo or why it was made.  My guess it was for some type of promotion or maybe a publicity photograph, however I know that when this photo was taken in the 1950’s, hospitals did not promote themselves like they do now.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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July 15, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Pensacola High School Basketball Team …

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PHS Basketball 4 _ RTP_SFW_ 15 June 13

I do not know what year,  maybe late 1950’s or early 1960 or 61, and I do not know if this is the varsity or the junior varsity, but someone will know.  One more group …

PHS Basketball 3_RTP_SFW 15 June 13

This group does look a little younger, so this must be the junior varsity.  Now, a couple in the PHS gym.  You know that it was not air conditioned and how these kids practiced  in the summer without passing out was a miracle.

PHS Basketball 2 _ RTP _ SFW _ 15 June 13

And here is another in the gym …

PHS Basketball 1 _ RTP _ SFW _ 15 June 13

I can remember going with my father to the gym during the summer and he would be photographing the seniors for the coming year in the gym.  It was hot, but I do not remember anyone passing out because of the heat or complaining too much.  But times where different and nobody had air conditioning in their cars or homes in the early 1960’s or late 1950’s.  I cannot even remember when air conditioning became come place, but I know that the high school I went to in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s did not have central air conditioning.  Maybe a room or two had a window unit, but that was it.  I did not mean to ramble on about the air conditioning … Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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June 16, 2013 at 10:21 am

Fiesta of Five Flags 1954 …

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Fiesta 195_  1_RTP_15 June 13  _  SFW

Here are some images from 4×5 color transparencies that I ran across and forgot that I had found.  I actually had found them 10 years or so ago, but they were so discolored that I did not want to bother to post them.  I figured out how to color correct images in Photoshop several years ago, but never ran across the transparencies until just recently.   I am not sure who any of the people on the float are, but I know that the float is some where on Palafox Street.  If you look real close on the right hand side of the image, you can see the front of the Municipal Auditorium way in the background.  I am not sure what the building is directly in back of the float, but I am sure that someone out there can tell us …   Here is another float that was in line before this float …

Fiesta Court 1954_RTP_SFW_16 June 13

And then here is one of the King and Queen of the Fiesta …

Fiesta King and Queen_1954 _ RTP  _  SFW

These scans could have used some more work because if you look close, you can see some very small dust marks in the sky and on the costumes.  But for this blog they are not that noticeable.   I am going to post below an original scan of one of these transparencies, so you can see how much they had discolored through the years ( almost 60 to be exact ).  However, with the creation of Photoshop you can almost bring back any image to it’s original color and brilliance.  Here is the original scan …

Fiesta Court 195_No Correction_RTP_SFW

Some difference …  If anyone knows who any of the people are, please let us hear from you.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

Behind The Candelabra … Pensacola Style …

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Liberace with Girl_Retouched_SFW_14 June 13

I made a post a while back with a photo of Liberace that my father made back in the late 1950’s when he would travel to Pensacola to purchase antiques.   I said that I would tell a little story that my father used to tell about a conversation he had with Liberace on one of his trips to Pensacola, but I never got got around to sharing it with you.  He and Liberace were talking, waiting for Liberace’s luggage was  to be unloaded off the plane.  My father was telling him that he saw a pianist  playing at the Palmer House in Chicago back in the late 1930’s.  My father’s brother was getting married and they were having the wedding rehearsal dinner in a room at the Palmer House.  My dad was walking around looking at the hotel and could not get over how large the place is.  In fact it, it takes up a whole block in downtown Chicago on the lakefront.   Being from Pensacola, he had never seen anything like the Palmer House before and was surprised how many ballrooms the place had and they all seemed to have something going on in each of them.  In one of the ballrooms was a teenager from Wisconsin playing the piano and entertaining the crowd of several hundred people.  As he was telling Liberace this story, Liberace stopped my dad and told him that was most likely him  playing at the Palmer House.  Playing at the Palmer House in the late 1930’s was the first professional job that he ever had.  Liberace never won any musical competition to achieve  nation acclaim.  It was because of playing at the Palmer House that music company executives and other booking agents  got to see him … and the rest they say is history.   I do not know who his ” lady friend ” in the photo above is.  I had posted this photo on the first blog that I had and somebody had mentioned a name, but it was not a familiar name and I cannot remember the name that was mentioned.  Here is one of Lee by himself …

Liberace 4_4x5_SFW_6_15_13

Nice looking jacket, Lee.  I read a biography of Liberace years ago and he mentioned traveling to Pensacola to purchase antiques in the book.  He mentioned an antique business and it might have been one named “Bercaw’s”, but I cannot be sure and I have no idea where the book is now.  It was because of Ada Wilson that my father got involved … she had original LouisXV ( or whatever the number ) furniture and Liberace was a big fan of this French Provincial furniture.  I have seen some photos of Liberace sitting on these sofas with Mrs Wilson, but I cannot find any of the negatives.  I also do not know if Liberace ever came to Pensacola to play a concert and that is how he came to know these antique dealers.  Maybe some of you out there might know and would share it with us.  Finally, here is a photo of Lee’s  “assistant” …

Liberaces Friend_RTP_SFW_6_15_13

I guess that Lee always had a ” Scott Thorson ” with him back in the 1950’s.  Thanks for looking and if any of you remember meeting Liberace on one of his ” buying ” trips to Pensacola, please let us hear from you … Frank

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June 15, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Matchbook Covers …

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IMG_3458 San Carlos Match Box 2 _SFW

I found these matchbooks in a plastic bag years ago and just never got around to doing anything with them.  This San Carlos Hotel matchbook cover is interesting … it has some type of silver background to it that must have been expensive to print back whenever these were printed.  Now the backside …

IMG_3459 San Carlos Match Book 2B_SFW

I am not familiar with either of these two hotels, but they must have been something nice if they were partners with the San Carlos Hotel.  Next, is a matchbook cover from the Skylark Lounge that used to be on the corner of Navy Blvd and Pace Blvd.  This place was before my time, but I have heard lots of people talk about it and it was not because of the food!

IMG_3471 Skylark 3 _ SFW  2

The cover says West Garden, which later became Navy Blvd.  This place was directly across from where Mitchell Motors used to be located.  The back …

IMG_3473 Skylark Back _ SFW 2

The Continental Room must have been the place to be back in the 1960’s … And like I said, I do not think people went for the sizzling steaks!  I usually say at this point to let us hear any from anyone to share your memories of any of these places, but these being hotels and a bar, please remember that I want to keep this family friendly …  Thanks for looking and please check back, Frank

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June 4, 2013 at 4:05 pm

Brownsville Cycle Company … Part Two …

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Brownsville Cycle 2 _ RTP_20 Mar 13 _ SFW

Here is one more of the Brownsville Cycle Company.  Someone made a comment on the other post I had about this company and said that Brownsville Cycle Company purchased the first Honda Dealership in Pensacola.  You see the street marker ( you do not see them much anymore ) that says ” P St “, so this must have been the corner of  “P” and Cervantes.  The thing that grabs my attention is the … phone booth!  I bet you have not seen one of those in years.  In fact, I cannot remember the last pay phone that I have seen in months.  Tom Thumb on Garcon Point Road removed the one that was located next to the ice machine a year or so ago.  I did not realize that until I asked where it went after looking at this photo.  I guess that I am not as observant as I thought I was.  Anybody know about this turning into the first Honda Dealership, feel free to share more info with us.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

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April 19, 2013 at 4:17 pm

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