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Matchbook Covers …

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IMG_3458 San Carlos Match Box 2 _SFW

I found these matchbooks in a plastic bag years ago and just never got around to doing anything with them.  This San Carlos Hotel matchbook cover is interesting … it has some type of silver background to it that must have been expensive to print back whenever these were printed.  Now the backside …

IMG_3459 San Carlos Match Book 2B_SFW

I am not familiar with either of these two hotels, but they must have been something nice if they were partners with the San Carlos Hotel.  Next, is a matchbook cover from the Skylark Lounge that used to be on the corner of Navy Blvd and Pace Blvd.  This place was before my time, but I have heard lots of people talk about it and it was not because of the food!

IMG_3471 Skylark 3 _ SFW  2

The cover says West Garden, which later became Navy Blvd.  This place was directly across from where Mitchell Motors used to be located.  The back …

IMG_3473 Skylark Back _ SFW 2

The Continental Room must have been the place to be back in the 1960’s … And like I said, I do not think people went for the sizzling steaks!  I usually say at this point to let us hear any from anyone to share your memories of any of these places, but these being hotels and a bar, please remember that I want to keep this family friendly …  Thanks for looking and please check back, Frank

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June 4, 2013 at 4:05 pm

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