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Sun Motor Tester at Son Motors …

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Son Motors  13 _ Lucis_RTP_1_23_13 _SFW

This is another image that I ran through the Lucis Art Filter and it really makes it stand out.  A straight b&w photo is interesting, but does not have the contrast and detail that this print has now.  I do not have much to add … Thanks for looking … Frank

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January 27, 2013 at 10:15 am

Son Motors …

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Here is another image that I found in another ” Son Motors ” negative envelope.  After cleaning it up in Photoshop, it looked good but nothing too interesting.  So I ran it through a Lucis Art Filter to bring out all of the detail under the car, the brick wall, the attendant’s uniform and the equipment along the back wall.  I think that it gives images like this a different look and feel and makes the image more interesting to look at.   As usual, I have no clue who the man is.  I have several more images that I have put this effect on that I am going to post in the near future, so please check back.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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October 10, 2012 at 5:29 pm

Son Motors …

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Son Motors is on the right hand side of this image, next to Muldon Motor Company.  I personally do not remember Sons Motors in downtown Pensacola, since they were around in the 1950’s and I was born in 1953.  The photo above I have posted before, but it is the only exterior view I have of Son Motors and I just wanted to re-post it so you can see where it was located.  The rest are all interior views and are ones that I do not believe I have posted before.  Below is a view that I have just recently worked on …

I do not know if this was their showroom or not or if this was their garage converted to a showroom for these cars to be displayed in.  From another angle …

The sign above the car reads, “Imperial 1956 “.  Below is another view …

This lady is in several of the photos and I do not know who she is … maybe one of the owners or could even be their daughter?

These could be the owners … someone told me that their last name was ” Son “, but I have never heard that name before.  And finally, here is one of their work trucks.

Nice looking truck!  Notice the phone number on the side: HE 2-7191 … the HE stood for Hemlock, then later changed to  ” 43  ” when Southern Bell when to all numbers.  I never understood why they used a word for the first two digits on your phone number … maybe they just thought it was easier to remember.  I have a few more interior views from this negative envelope that I will work-up and post later.  If anyone remembers Son Motors, please let us hear from you.  Thanks for looking …

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April 2, 2012 at 9:11 am

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