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Pensacola Baseball Players 1958 …

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This is a group  photo that my father made back in 1958.  The old Admiral Mason Ball Park sure had nothing on the new Blue Wahoos stadium … and how about this infield grass?  I doubt that this infield had any sub-surface, drainage run-off system.  And you know, if Jerry Pate had put this grass down,  his days in the turf business would be numbered!  Don’t forget these bleachers … my dad did the photography back then for the Dons as a trade-out for one of their so-called ” boxes “.  I can remember going to the games and sitting in the box and then running around with all the other kids at the game … something a kid never forgets – a real high point!  One thing that this ball park and the new CMP ball park have in common is that they were both built across the street from a sewage plant.  How many of you can remember that sewage plant that was down at the end of 9th Avenue?  Please share any memories that you have of the old Admiral Mason Ball Park … I, for one, would be interested in hearing them!  Thanks for looking …

Update:  After looking at this photo for a while, I believe this is a group of different ball team players from the past and not a group shot of the Dons.  Notice how the players seem to be wearing several different uniforms fro past Pensacola Ball Clubs … Senators, Dons, etc.  Also, these guys look a little too old to be playing everyday.  This could have been a player reunion promotion put on by the Dons, since they were always doing something to fill the stands.  What do you think?

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April 4, 2012 at 10:31 am

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