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Beauty Contest at the Casino on Pensacola Beach …

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JCs at Casino 5_ RTP_22 Nov 13 _ SFW

The negative bag read something like ” JC Beauty Contest at the Casino ” and the date was 1950’s.  The “JC” was the Junior Chamber, I believe.  I do not know who the girls are or the guy giving the trophy, but he sure is interested in this young lady.  Here is one more of the two …

JCs at Casino 1  _ RTP _ 22 Nov 13  _ SFW

I hope that his wife was not in the audience.  The band was ” The Clarence Schenk Orchestra “.  Here are the runners up …

JCs at Casino 2 _ RTP _ 22 Nov 13  _ SFW

JCs at Casino 3 _ RTP_ 22 Nov 13 _ SFW

I do not have any names for the young ladies, but the last one looks vaguely familiar to me.  The last photo is of the three winners …

JCs at Casino 4 _ RTP _ 22 Nov 13 _ SFW

These are three cute girls or should I say ” ladies ” …. I do not want to come across as sexist or anything in this political correct society that we live in today.  I wish that I had some photos of the outside of the Casino, but I have yet to run across any.  If anyone happened to be at this beauty contest, let’s hear from you.  I am curious who these beauty queens are.  Thanks for looking and please check back …. Frank

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