Frank Hardy Made My Photographs Two

Beauty Contest at the Casino on Pensacola Beach …

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JCs at Casino 5_ RTP_22 Nov 13 _ SFW

The negative bag read something like ” JC Beauty Contest at the Casino ” and the date was 1950’s.  The “JC” was the Junior Chamber, I believe.  I do not know who the girls are or the guy giving the trophy, but he sure is interested in this young lady.  Here is one more of the two …

JCs at Casino 1  _ RTP _ 22 Nov 13  _ SFW

I hope that his wife was not in the audience.  The band was ” The Clarence Schenk Orchestra “.  Here are the runners up …

JCs at Casino 2 _ RTP _ 22 Nov 13  _ SFW

JCs at Casino 3 _ RTP_ 22 Nov 13 _ SFW

I do not have any names for the young ladies, but the last one looks vaguely familiar to me.  The last photo is of the three winners …

JCs at Casino 4 _ RTP _ 22 Nov 13 _ SFW

These are three cute girls or should I say ” ladies ” …. I do not want to come across as sexist or anything in this political correct society that we live in today.  I wish that I had some photos of the outside of the Casino, but I have yet to run across any.  If anyone happened to be at this beauty contest, let’s hear from you.  I am curious who these beauty queens are.  Thanks for looking and please check back …. Frank

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  1. Frank, I recognize two of the three young women. In the last one of the three, Kathie Clements, PHS Class of 1956 is on the right and Shirley Faye Walters is in the center. I don’t recognize the other one. Thanks for posting these.
    Jack Lipscomb



    November 23, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    • Jack … The first girl is Lee Raby ( I am not sure of the spelling right now ). Her married name is Hual. Her mother used to own the Sea Captain’s Shop which was in the same block as my father’s studio on 12th Avenue. Thanks for the comment and please check back. I will be busy for the holidays so I doubt that I will be posting much, but I am going to try to go through some negatives and get them ready to post in the new year. Thanks again … Frank


      Frank Hardy

      November 24, 2013 at 9:46 am

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