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Suter Carnival  15   _ RTP _ 7 Jan 15  _ SFW

With Suter School being in the news with their new school building completed and  open for students this week, I thought that I would post a photo from one of the plays that the school used to put on in the 1950’s.  I have several envelopes of negatives from plays back in the 1950’s … maybe ’54, ’55 and ’56 and there are thirty of forty negatives per bag.  I have posted some in earlier posts and did not get many comments or looks, so I do not really expect much from this one.  One bad thing about these negatives is that they are not in very good shape and take more work in Photoshop to get them ready to post.  You can type in ” Suter School ” in the search button on the right hand side of the blog and the other posts should pop up.  The more I think about it as I type this up, I might have had four or five comments from people who recognized someone in the play.  One side note, the posts that get the most attention are ones from Modesto California … can you believe that?  To me, I can not figure that one out.  However, I do appreciate all of the people looking for Modesto photos from back in the 1950’s.  Another interesting fact is that I never knew anything about the Modesto images until my father died and I ran across them  when I was sorting through all of the tens of thousand negatives that I have.  In fact, I did not know that a lot of the negatives where of Modesto until people started commenting on them.  Thanks for looking and I did not mean to get off on Modesto … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

January 7, 2015 at 10:48 am

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