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Muscogee Florida … Update – 22 July 14 …

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These photos were taken in Muscogee Florida in the early 1900’s and I do not know who made them.  My father was born in 1915 in Muscogee and lived there until 1925, when he, his mother, brother and sister moved to Pensacola since the mill – Southern States Lumber  Company – closed down.  I do not know who made these photographs or where my father got them from.  If anyone has any information to add to any of these photos, please leave a comment.  Also, if anyone has any information on Southern States Lumber Company or any other photographs, I am interested.  Below is a photo of the mill and the other is just a view of the Perdido River back around 1900 to 1910 …

Perdido Mill _ RTP _ SFW

Muscogee FL_Perdido River_RTP _ SFW

The photo of the Perdido Riv er is not much of a photo, but I think it shows how remote and isolated it was back in the early 1900’s in Muscogee.  Just a stone’s throw from where the mill was located is the International Paper plant today and the rest of Cantonement.  Next is a photo of my father and his first grade class …

Dads First Grade Class _ RTP _ SFW

The school in Muscogee was run by the lumber company for children of the mill’s employees and others that worked in businesses that had something to do with the mill.  When the mill closed down in 1925, so did Muscogee and that is when my father and his family moved to Pensacola.  Here are several photos of homes in the area …

Front of House _ RTP _ SFW

For some reason I want to say that this was the front of the boarding house that my grandmother ran in Muscogee for the mill.  When my father’s father died in 1918, the mill let my grandmother to continue to run the mill until 1925, when the town pretty much closed down.  Here are a couple more photos …

Hotel or Boarding House_RTP _ SFW

Maybe this was a view of the boarding house, since I think I remember my father saying the it was two story.  So, I am not sure what the first building is a photo of because it does not look like a two story building. UPDATE:   Yesterday, I went downtown to the Pensacola Historical Society and they have moved back into their refurnished office space in the Beacon Building in back of the Wentworth Museum.  They let me do some research on the Southern States Lumber Company and I saw an article that contained the front of the above building and it is the main office of the lumber company.  I was incorrect in thinking that it was the boarding house that my grandmother ran for the company.  The next photo is one that I believe was the post office in Muscogee …

Unknown House in Muscogee_PO Maybe_RTP _ SFW

There is a site that I found on Muscogee and here is a link to the site.  It has some interesting stories about Muscogee and it is about the only information that I have found on Muscogee on the web, other than just mentioning Muscogee by name.  The Pensacola Historical Society has some file on the mills and they are happy to direct you to it when you go downtown to their office in the Bowden Building.  Thirty years or so I remember a couple coming by the studio and talking to my father about a paper they were writing on Muscogee for a History class they were taking out at UWF.  I wish I could remember who they were, since most of the people who ever lived in Muscogee are deceased and not much has ever been written about the town.  If anyone knows anything about Muscogee, again, please let me hear from you or has any photos from the mill, I would like to see them.  Thanks for looking and I hope you check back … Frank


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  1. Hi. My great grandfather, John Harrison Posey, was a worker at the saw mill in Muscogee. I believe he died in late 1925, but I cant find any record of his death. His wife died in 1926, and after that their children were scattered about. I have been able to track down several cousins, and one of them told me that the couple that adopted his grandfather said John H Posey died in an accident at work. I was wondering if there is anyway to find records to confirm that story. There is a record under his name in 1925 of a death, but it turned out to be a stillborn daughter. If you have any ideas or would like any other info that I have on the family, please contact me. Thanks for your time. I know this is a long shot, but I had to try.


    Paula Pate

    April 14, 2018 at 11:20 am

    • Greetings … The name does not sound familiar to me. You can contact me at 850-449-1279 which is my cell phone. I do not check this site very often, so that is the reason I am just now responding. I have a site on Muscogee that lists the cemetery there and also has the names of children that attended the school there. I hate typing and would rather talk and tell you what I know. It is not much, but it might help. Look forward to hearing from you. Leave a message if I don’t answer. Thanks … Frank


      Frank Hardy

      July 12, 2018 at 11:07 am

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