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These images are from a dance group that my father used to photograph out at the auditorium at Pensacola Naval Air Station.  He photographed this group for many years and I remember going out there with him when I was seven or eight.  I remember walking up and down the halls looking at all of the military photographs on the walls.  Nothing in particular other than how large and deserted the place was when I was out there.  I ran across these negatives recently and they were in fairly good shape and did not look like they would take me too long to get them ready to post.  There were quite a few negatives in the envelope, so I just randomly found six to clean-up and post.  I am not going to make any comments about any of them, so here it goes …

Hoffman Dance Group 1 _ 1956 _ RTP _ SFW

Hoffman Dance Group  2 _ 1956 _ RTP _ SFW

Hoffman Dance Group 6 _ 1956 _ RTP _ SFW

Hoffman Dance Group 5 _ 1956 _ RTP _ SFW

Hoffman Dance Group  4 _ 1956_ RTP _ SFW

Hoffman Dance Gruop 3  _ 1956 _ RTP _ SFW

The negative envelope said ” 1956 ” on it, but I am not sure about that date.  If it was 1956, I would have only been three and this would have been too young for me to have gone.  However, this was something that he could have photographed for many years and I did not go until later.  I do remember this fairly well and I am pretty sure that I went with him for several years a kid.  I would imagine that these children’s fathers were in the military or they worked out at the Naval Air Depot on base.  If anyone sees these photos and know anything about this ” Hoffman Dance Group “, please let us hear from you.  I am interested personally about who Ms. Hoffman is and how long that she had these dance recitals out on the base.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 14, 2014 at 9:04 am

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