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Mitchell Motors Parts Dept  3  _ RTP_11_1_13   SFW

The photo above was  from a local Oldsmobile / General Motors car dealership in downtown Pensacola.  The photo was made in September of 1948.  Notice how the service tech is wearing a lab coat and how clean the parts department was.  It looks as if the parts guy was even wearing a tie and might have had on a lab coat, also.  If you look toward the back of the frame, you see a ” control center ” made of glass stuck above the cars … to monitor work production, not to catch any service techs goofing-off and not working.  Now, this was back in 1948, so I can imagine the customer’s response to a facility such as this.  After having dealt with a ” shade-tree ” mechanic, this was like going to a doctor’s office / hospital.  I am sure that General Motors had this in mind when they had dealerships convert their service departments into spaces such as this … now when the customer received their bill, they might have to be taken to the emergency room from the sticker shock!  Thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

November 1, 2013 at 9:46 am

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