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Doc and Kitty in Front of The Town House Motor Lodge …

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Doc and Kitty in Carriage_SFW

This is “Doc” and “Kitty” from the tv show Gunsmoke.  They were in town back in the middle 1950’s for the Fiesta.  I have posted some other photos of them in earlier posts, but I never could find this image until recently.  It was in terrible shape and I had already cleaned it up once before, but I never could find it.  So when I ran across this image, I went ahead and cleaned it up … again.  This is the only photograph that I can find of the exterior front of the Town House Motor Lodge.  The two men in the photo are Lynn Toney on the far right and the man helping Amanda Blake is the owner of the Town House and his last name was Head, but I do not know his first name.  The front of the Town House was on Cervantes … you should could not do something like this now on Cervates without risking getting hit or run-over.  If anyone had any contact with “Doc” or “Kitty” when they were in town, please share your story with us … I would be interested in hearing them.  I have a photo of the two of them holding me up that I will post for a laugh … I cannot remember off the top of my head if I already have, so I will check.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Update (1/7/14)  :  Some people say that the man helping Amanda Blake out of the wagon is John R Jones, who at one time was a local politician … I want to say Property Appraiser, but I could be wrong there.  I had said that the man was Mr. Head, who owned the Town House Motel with his wife.  Personally, I do not care who it is, that is not the reason why I posted the photo.  Please remember, this is a blog for photography, not for identifying correctly the individuals shown in the images.  If we do, fine, if we do not, fine.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Ted Weems …

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Ted Weems was a big band leader from Dallas Texas back in the 1950’s and 60’s.  This photo was made in the stairwell at the Town House Motor Lodge that I have mentioned in earlier posts.  You can see other photos of John Wayne, “Doc and Kitty” from the tv show Gunsmoke and others on the wall in back of him.  The photo above had been on the old site … the photo below is one that I have just recently come across and worked up.  It was made in the dining room of the Town House.

I do not know any of the details of why he was here at this time.  If anyone remembers anything about his visit to Pensacola or the exact time, please let us know.   Thanks for looking …

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