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Nurses At Sacred Heart Hospital In The 1940’s …

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Nurses By Flag_RTP _ SFW

Staying in the 1940’s, I scanned some prints that my father had made at the old Sacred Heart Hospital.  The three that I am posting are ones that I just scanned in the past several days … mostly because they did not require too much Photoshop work to get ready to put up on this site.  This first one has always been interesting to me and for some reason or another I have just never gotten around to scan it.  The next is a group of nurses on the steps out front of the hospital …


Nurses Out Front of Hospital   _ RTP _ SFW

Note all of the ivy on the walls out front of the hospital and also notice the round globe lights … I do not think that I have seen these before, maybe I have but I just do not recall at the moment.  The last one is of the nurses in the nursery with a newborn …


Nurses in Nursery _ RTP _ SFW

Notice the ” S C ” on the nurses pocket that stands for ” Sister’s of Charity “, the order that ran the hospital.  I wish I had more information to share with you about these images, but maybe someone out there might recognize some of the nurses in these photos and know something to share with us.  I will say that these images from the 1940’s and earlier are all prints that I scan … that accounts for the color of the images, which I think is interesting.  I could take the color out in Photoshop, but for some reason I like the color and tone of the images.  I will not necessarily that they have aged this color as much as I believe some where printed on a ” warm ” tone paper.  The images that are more black and white might have been printed on a ” cold ” tone paper.  Thanks for looking and if you know anything about any of these images, please feel free to comment.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Nuns Out Front …

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This is my all time favorite photo ( or at least in a group of 10 or so ) only because I was born here in this hospital back in 1953.  I had posted this image up on the old site and I do not think I had that many comments on this image.  Now, granted, I do not get too many visitors to this site since I have never advertised it anywhere, however, I thought with how many people were born here over 50 years or so I would have had a few reminisce their memories.  And also with all of the nurses that had gone through nursing school at the hospital, I would have had a few mention their story, but no such luck.  Maybe this time I will get a few stories … Thanks

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