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I have ran across this negative for years and for some reason or another, have never bother to scan it until just the other day.  This looks like it was taken out at Pensacola Beach in the 1940’s maybe.  It could have been at one of the fights that was held out at the Casino or it could have been at one of the beauty contests put on at the Casino.  Check out the old Speed-Grafex that guy kneeling is holding … I have parts of one just like it over at my barn.  And check out the guy with the Bolex movie camera, my father had one just like it.  In fact, I have reels of film that my father made that I would like to have converted to DVD’s, but I know that it would cost a small fortune.  The guys hanging around look like they would be in style today … that guy’s bathing suit looks like something surfer’s would wear today.  If anyone recognizes any of the people in the photo let us hear from you … thanks for looking …

Written by Frank Hardy

April 18, 2012 at 3:58 pm

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