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Romana Street in the 1950’s …

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Romana _ News Journal  _ SFW_1_10_14

This panorama was made in the 1950’s, not sure of the exact year.  This is looking west on Romana Street toward downtown Pensacola.  On the left side of the street you see a Pittsburgh Paint Shop and then you have the Pensacola News Journal Building which takes you to the end of the block.  Across the street is the Morrison Cafeteria building.  I have some posts earlier where I show some interior shots of the kitchen and the table areas.  Then I had several exterior viewsof Morrison’s before they renovated later.  Local businessman Quint Studer has just purchased the Pensacola News Journal building and is planning to tear it down.  I believe an article in the local PNJ in the last week or so said that he plans on constructing housing in it’s place and possibly some offices.  Pensacola is really going to be going through some new changes in the next few years … we will just have to wait and see how all of this pans out.  I am still not convinced that what was done to the end of Palafox Street was worth tearing down the old Municipal Auditorium.  Most of the buildings that they built at the end seem vacant, however they are very nice and attractive.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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