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Another of the San Carlos Hotel …

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Someone gave me this photo of the old San Carlos Hotel sometime back and I just got around to cleaning it up recently.  My dad did not make this photo and I rarely post other people’s photo, but what makes this photo interesting is ?????  Can you guess ….  I will give you another couple of minutes.  No little Johnnie, this is not the best photo of the front of the San Carlos showing the Fiesta Lounge that I have, although that is a good guess.  No little Suzy, not because there is no wheel-chair access ramp at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.  You are correct,  Cleroy ( that would be Leroy, but with a “C” … a Southern name ) this photo shows the Christmas decorations that the City of Pensacola used to put out back in the 1950’s.  In fact, I can remember these same decorations being used up into the 1980’s, maybe even the 1990’s.  How is that for some mileage?  I am sorry Cleroy, but my budget does not allow to give you a prize, but if you go down to  City Hall, I bet  Mayor Hayward and the City Council would dig around and they could probably find some of these decorations for your yard.  Good luck, Cleroy and thanks for looking … As usual,  all comments are appreciated.

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