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Coffee Cup Cashier …

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Coffee Cup Cashier  2 _SFW_13 Dec 14

This is only photo in my father’s files that I have of the Coffee Cup and it was made sometime back in the 1950’s.  Look closely at the post card rack and you will see his photo of the Hotel San Carlos that I have posted on this blog several times.  No clue who the lady is, I am sure that someone will recognize and identify her.  The counter looks exactly the same today, some sixty years later.  The photo was taken for the Cancer Society … here is one more photo …


Coffee Cup Cahier 1 _ RTP _ 13 Dec 14 _ SFW

I have not been in the Coffee Cup in a year or so, but I would not doubt if that same cash register is still sitting there.  Now that I am thinking about the Coffee Cup, I am starting to get hungry for some biscuits with their famous tomato gravy.  I guess that you would have to be raised in the South to appreciate tomato gravy and one more thing … they have the creamiest grits that you have ever tasted.  I would go tomorrow and eat breakfast, but you regulars know how crowed that place is on a Saturday morning.  If you do not get there by 6 or 7am, you will usually have an hour wait.  That’s it for me now, I will be posting some more in the next few days … Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

12th Avenue Aerial Photograph 1940’s …

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Aerial-View-of-Old-Sacred-H_SFW  9 Nov 13

I posted this aerial photograph a long time ago, but I thought that I would post it again since I have posted several photos of the old Sacred Heart Nursing School building recently.  Notice that the stores across from the old Sacred Heart Hospital have not been built yet.  It just looks like a parking lot at the present time … I posted a photo that my father had made showing it with automobiles and the hospital in the background.  It is many posts back, but I am pretty sure that I have posted the photograph.  I am not really sure when this aerial was made, but I would say sometime in the late 1940’s … I do not know when the stores were built across from the old Sacred Heart Hospital, early 1950’s if I had to make a guess.  You can see the roof of the original NB Cook school on Cervantes diagonally from the Sacred Heart Nurses School if you look close.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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