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A Few More From Spain and Morocco …

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Tangiers Harboor 1 _ RTP _ 19 July 14  _ SFW

This first photo is of the harbor in Tangier and it shows the town of Tangier on the hill in the background.  I am not all of that well read or up on the history of Morocco, but the place is very pretty and exotic.  We were staying near Malaga in Spain and you would go down to Gibraltar and take a boat over to Northern Africa.  The boat ride was a high-light of the trip to Tangier for me … you start out in the Mediterranean and head out into the Atlantic before you head south for Morocco.    The next couple of images are around the streets of Tangier ..

Tangiers 1 _ RTP _ 19 July 14  _ SFW


Tangiers 1  _5x5_ RTP_10 Feb 15 _ SFW Logo

I wish that I had more to share with you, but my father and I took this trip back in 1972 … where has the time gone?  The next one is in a restaurant in the Kasbah.


Moroccan Cafe _ RTP  2 _  10 Feb 15  _ SFW _ Logo

How about the lighting in this place … that is correct, there is none.  The food was not bad and the music was interesting, but I did not run out and buy and eight track of the band.  The next several are back in Spain.  The little girl with the cat was taken in Rodas Spain and the street was some where that I cannot remember … it is just an interesting place / image …


Girl With Cat _ RTP _ 10 Feb 15 _ 4_SFW Logo

Spain _ Narvaez _ RTP _ 10 Feb 15 _ SFW

I thought that I would break-up the old Pensacola photos with something different and I have some more ready to go that I will throw up in the next few days.  I have a long one ready about the fire that burnt down most block on August 17, 1975.  It is ten or more images were I show the before, during and after the fire.  It is interesting and has a lot of crowd shots … I have had them ready to go for a while, but just have not had the time to post all of them.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

February 11, 2015 at 5:55 pm

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