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Happy 74th Birthday to the USO …

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USO 8_RTP_7 Feb 15 _ SFW

I was reading the cartoon ” Beetle Bailey ” this morning in the Pensacola News Journal  and he was wishing the the USO a happy 74th birthday in the only way that Sarge would let him … with a sign on a cross-country march!  I had a few more photos from a ceremony at the local USO building in downtown Pensacola from back in the 1950’s that I had not posted before.  So I found them and here they are.  I did not get any comments from the earlier USO post that I made, so I have no clue who any of these people are or what the function is that they are having, but whatever it was, it sure looked nice.  And fun!  Here are a couple more photos and without any further comments or ado ( I still have not figured out what that means either ) …

USO 9 _ RTP _ 7 Feb 15 _ SFW


USO 14_ Lady Servers_RTP_7 Feb 15 _ SFW

USO  10 _ RTP _ 7 Feb 15 _ SFW

If anyone knows anything about this event from back in the 1950’s, please let us know.  I am kind of curious myself about it … personally, I might venture a guess and say that this event might have been held for the grand opening of the USO building that was located in downtown Pensacola on Spring Street, but as usual that is entirely a guess.  Believe it or not, I had only been in that building one time myself and it after it was the USO and it became a surplus warehouse for Escambia County.  Thanks again for looking and like I said earlier I welcome all comments, so please let us hear from you.  Please check back and thanks again … Frank

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