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First Flight Golf Balls …

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First Flight 1 _ 1959  _ RTP  SFW

These photos were taken back in 1959 out at Pensacola Country Club. The two guys above I have no names for the two guys in the photo above. By the way,  I am not even sure if they make First Flight golf balls anymore … the name does not ring a bell to me at all.  I am sure a couple of you old timers will remember hitting a First Flight ball with your wooden head driver.  I bet the young golfers will be surprised to know that before titanium heads on your drivers, they were made out of wood.  That seems like the dark ages now.  Here are some more photos of golfers, none of which are really familiar to me …

First Flight 6 _ Carroll Armstrong_RTP    SFW

First Flight 7 _ RTP   SFW

First Flight 9 _ RTP   SFW

First Flight 11 _ UK Golfer _ RTP   SFW

First Flight  5 _ Armstrong 2 _ RTP   SFW

First Flight _ Bob Ellsworth_RTP _ SFW

First Flight _ Jim Stamps _ RTP _ SFW

First Flight _ Ol Steely _ RTP   SFW

Bud Ellsworth, Jim Stamps and Carroll Armstrong are the golfers names.  I only know that because I read their names on their golf bags.  Now that I think about their names, they do sound remotely familiar.  Like I mentioned earlier, these photos were taken out at Pensacola Country Club and I know that the background has changed in the last fifty something years, so might give some of there old members something to reminisce about.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank


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