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The Corner of Baylen and Government Streets …

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Baylen and Government 1960_RTP_1_21_14 _ SFW

I found this image years ago and just set it aside … it really did not do anything me until it dawned on me that the Professional Building was torn down to make the new Court House Annex / Clerk’s Office.  Also, this George’s Grill  was popular with the Downtown Crowd.  I have no idea why my father made this photograph, but I am sure it was for an insurance adjuster … must have been a bad accident here at this intersection.  You are looking east toward Palafox Street and you see Mayes Office Supply and Printing business next to the Professional Building on the north side of Government Street.  I can still remember when Mayes and the Professional Building were there in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, but I do not remember George’s Grill.

One more thing, this is my 300th post on this blog.  I never made it this far when I had it over on Blogger.  I hope to keep this going for quite some time because I still have thousands of negatives and photographs that I can post.  One of the most important things that I have learned is that just because an image does not have any “meaning ” to me, someone out there on the internet usually recognizes someone in the photo or the location in the photo and will comment.  Making me glad that I took the time to post the image.  One such image is the one that I titled ” First Methodist Musicians “.  I have received some nice comments and a few calls about that image … and I sat on those images for years before I posted them.  So thanks for looking and as usual, all comments are appreciated and I do respond to all of them, even though it might take me a while to getting around to writing.  Please check back … Frank

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