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Wrecked Car 1 _ RTP _ 4 June 13   SFW

Remember Driver, DEATH, Never Takes A Holiday

A somber reminder for all you planning to take the family on a road trip this summer.  This was fifty or sixty years before texting and driving became such a problem.  I cannot tell you how many people ( notice that I did not say teenagers ) that I see on I-10 that are  paying more attention to their cell phones than to the road.  It is really scarey.  Not talking on their phones, but staring at the little screens on their phones.  All I can say is … PUT THE PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE!!!  I sure do not want this to be you or someone that you ran into.  Thanks for looking and all comments are appreciated … Frank


Written by Frank Hardy

June 4, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Posted in 1950's

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