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Operating Room at Old Sacred Heart Hospital …

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I do not know if this photograph was ” set-up ” or if this was an actual surgery.  Look at the knife that the nurse or doctor is using on the patient … I used to have a scuba diving knife that looked better that the knife she is using.  I do not have any information on this photo, I just think that it looks interesting, scarey, but interesting.  I had my tonsils removed at the old hospital back in 1959 and I can remember it very vividly.  Back in those days, they dropped ether to put you to sleep.  I can remember a nurse standing over me, placing a mask over my nose and telling me to count backwards from 25.  When I hit 10 I thought that I was going to throw-up and when I hit 5, I was out!

If anyone wants to share their old Sacred Heart hospital memories, you are more than welcome to here …

Written by Frank Hardy

July 7, 2011 at 11:22 am

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