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This is one of my favorite photos … mainly because of the clouds.  The grass in the fore-ground would be Bayfront Parkway today.  This photo was made around 1951 or 1952.  Below is a photograph that Billy Tarbuck sent me a while back that shows the bridge from over by the train trestle on 17th Avenue, which actually shows the bridge better than in this photo.

You see the building by the bridge entrance better from this angle than from the first photo and the bridge is closer.  One thing that was not built in the above photo was the Wayside Park with all of it’s picnic tables.  In fact, it does not look as if there was enough land to have built the park along with the parking lot that was with the park, so that land must have been filled in later to build the Wayside Park.  My thanks to Billy for sending me this photo …

Written by Frank Hardy

July 4, 2011 at 8:50 pm

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