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Sacred Heart Hospital Nurses From The 1940’s …

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Unknown Nurse From the 40s_ RTP  SFW

No names, I just thought that this was just a nice photo of a nurse out front on the steps of the Old Sacred Heart Hospital.  I had scanned 30 or 40 images from the 1940’s at the hospital back in February, but just never got around to doing anything with them.  So, I thought that I would post a few of them now and see if anyone might recognize any of the girls or maybe the nuns.  Here is another …


Luncheon at OSSH _ RTP   SFW

Some type of luncheon or dinner, you decide.  Here is one more of some type of presentation …


Nurses with Nuns_RTP_16 April 14   SFW

The nurse on the left side of the image is one that keeps showing up in some of the images, but I do not know who she is.  She just has a very familiar face for some reason or another, this was at least ten years before I was born so she would not have been someone that I would have known.  This is all of these that I am going to post now, I will save more for later posts.  If any of you nurses from the 1940’s recognize any of these girls, please let us hear from you.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

The Maternity Ward at the Old Sacred Heart Hospital …

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Mom holding me in Bed  _ RTP_ 2_7_14 _ SFW

This photo of my mother and I was made on 14 Aug 53, I was born on 11 Aug 14, so I was 3 days old in this photo.  This is the type of photo my father would take of the mother and her new born baby and would sell it to the mother or her family.  I posted a folder in a much earlier post that he would insert this photo in … it has a photo of the front steps of the old hospital on the cover.  So, he had a fairly lucrative  photography ” side-business ” at the hospital while he was the x-ray technician.   The next photo shows one of the nuns and several nurses standing around the bed talking to my mother and looking at me ..

Me Mom and Nurses _ RTP _ SFW

Now, looking at this photo, you get the impression that they were in my mother’s room standing around talking and enjoying themselves.  Well, back then, there was no such thing as a ” private ” room ,,, you were in a ward with other mother’s and their babies.  The next photo shows after everyone had left …

Mom on Maternity Ward _ RTP_SFW

Yes, that is another mother and her baby separated by a cloth curtain.  I wish I knew who this mother and her baby are … notice that the mother has her purse sitting on the night stand next to her bed.  I wonder how many mothers today would like this arrangement?  Yea, I did not think that many would.  Back when I had my tonsils taken out in 1959 at the old Sacred Heart Hospital at the tender age of six, I was stuck in a men’s ward with ten other men.  It was the worst experience that I had ever had up to that time, but that is another story in itself and I do not have any photos from that time.  Also, it would take me forever to give you the full run down and I hate to type anyway so you will be spared that story.  I also have a bill that my mother received from her stay at the hospital that I will have to find and scan ,,, you will enjoy the simplicity of the bill.  I think they charged her twenty cents for two aspirin was one of the lines on the bill.  If you have been in the hospital lately and received a bill, you will wish you were back in the good old days … sort of, for a moment anyway.

Thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed the program … this is sort of like looking at old episodes of the Andy Grifith Show, only minus Barney and Goober.  Thanks for looking and please check back.  If any of you can remember your stay in a  hospital ward, let us hear them … Frank

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February 8, 2014 at 5:32 pm

The Operation …

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The Operation_RTP_SFW_ 8 Nov 13

Here is another photo of an operation in progress from back in the 1940’s.  It looks as if the surgeon has on some type of gloves, but neither he or the nurse has on any type of mask.  Obviously this was not some type of major surgery or I doubt that my father would have been allowed in with his camera, but back in the day you never know.  I do not have any idea who the doctor was or the nurse either.  If anyone knows, please let us know … thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

November 9, 2013 at 8:05 am

Building the School of Nursing …

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Nurses Building Foundation_SFW_8 Nov 13

This is a photo of the foundation when they were constructing the Sacred Heart School of Nursing in around 1945 or 46.  You cannot tell by looking at the building in the previous post, but the building is built in the shape ” W ” .  This just show the two outer sides … there was another section in the center that housed a small auditorium, or at least it was back then and when it was a school.  You can sort of see where there are extending the center part of the foundation in the photo above.  If anyone remembers the building being built and has any comments along that line, please let us hear from you.  Even if you don’t remember the building being built, but attended nursing school in this building, please let us hear from you, also.  Well, even if you attended the Academy of Arts and Sciences in this building, we would like to hear from you, too.  I ran across some old negatives from my high school days,  and if any of the old alumni would like to see some old Academy photos, let me know and I will clean them up and post them.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Old Sacred Heart Hospital Nursing School …

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Nuns in Front ofNurses Home 2 _ RTP _SFW

This building on 12th Avenue used to be the home of the old Sacred Heart Hospital Nursing School.  I am not sure of the years that it was built and was the school and home for the nurses of Sacred Heart Hospital.  From 1969 until around 1979, it was the home of the Academy of Arts and Sciences … this was were I went to high school for 10th, 11th and 12th grades and graduated in 1971.  I believe there were 55 kids in my class.  If you look real close you will see three nuns and two nurses in this photo, which was made sometime in the 1950’s, I would guess.  I have posted a view from the other side earlier, but this is the first from the south end looking north.  If you happen to know the years when this was the nursing school, please let us know … Thanks for looking … Frank

Sacred Heart Nurses …

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Sacred Heart Nurse 1_M Broughton_RTP _SFW

Here are several examples of nurses portraits that my father used to do in the 1950’s and into the 1960’s, before the nursing school closed down on 12th Avenue.  The name on the girl’s dress reads ” Broughton ” .  The girl’s name below I could note read.  I will have to find the negative envelope that these came out of to see if there are names written down .  But that is not my point … I just wanted to post several examples of portraits that my father made of these girls when they graduated.  It isn’t funny how you just say “girls” and don’t think about men being nurses in this era.  I cannot even tell you a date when men started entering the nursing program … maybe one of the viewers to this blog will be able to tell us.  Looking back, after I made that previous statement, I cannot even think back to when I started seeing men working as nurses in the hospitals locally.  Here is the other nurse …


Sacred Heart Nurse 2   _ RTP _ SFW

I thank everyone for taking the time to view this blog and for those who post comments.  Please check back … I have a few images worked up and ready to post and I plan to put them up in the next week or so.  Thanks again … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

November 3, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Out Front of Old Sacred Heart Hospital …

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Nuns in Front of Old Hospital 2_SFW_FHP_July 11

Here is a group of nuns standing in front of the old Sacred Heart Hospital.  I do not know anything about this photo or why it was made.  My guess it was for some type of promotion or maybe a publicity photograph, however I know that when this photo was taken in the 1950’s, hospitals did not promote themselves like they do now.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 15, 2013 at 1:25 pm


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